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District Planning Meeting Recaps
The page is your resource for keeping yourself up-to-date with the accreditation process. Please check in monthly to track our progress and provide your feedback. 
Feel free to post a comment or a question to the district planning team, or email any of the internal coordinators.

  • Meeting 10.23.13

    Posted by Christal Barr at 10/24/2013

    At this district planning meeting, we completed the external scan. The stakeholders identified trends that they believe could impact Warren Hill’s ability to meet our four objectives by 2020. Within each trend, external factors were listed and we discussed the possible impacts these external factors would have on Warren Hills. From there, we brainstormed possible responses the district could take to combat those trends. A great discussion pursued and it was an extremely productive night! Thank you for all who attended and contributed :)

    The Middle States Visiting Team will be at Warren Hills Regional School District from November 12th–15th. We are excited for their arrival! On Friday November 15th at 2:45pm, we will be hosting our Closing Ceremony at the high school. All are welcome to attend!

    Our next district planning meeting is tentatively scheduled for November 20th, from 5-7pm in the high school library.



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  • Meeting 10.09.13

    Posted by Christal Barr at 10/10/2013

    This meeting was well attended by both students and BOEmembers. Our meeting opened with Mrs. Rader giving a brief recap of thepre-visitation meeting we had on Monday with Dr. Valerie Valenti. A roughagenda of the days the visiting team will be at here at Warren Hills has beencreated and will be fine-tuned in the upcoming days.

    After the recap, we worked as a group on revising the lastobjective – 21st century. Once that was complete, Mrs. McKelveyexplained the last major step we need to complete prior to the visit, theexternal scan. Group members learned about the various external factors thatcould impact Warren Hills and discussed which ones were applicable to ourdistrict. At our next District Planning Meeting, which will be on October 23rd,we will continue to discuss and develop the external scan.


    Thanks to all who attended!

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  • Meeting 9.25.13

    Posted by Christal Barr at 9/26/2013

    Thank you for everyone to attended the meeting – it was a very productive night! During our time together, we discussed and revised action steps for the Communication Objective as well as the Engagement Objective. A lot of great ideas were shared and a more clear path was developed for many of these action steps.


    Our next meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, October 9th.  All are welcome to attend!

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  • Meeting 9.11.13

    Posted by Christal Barr at 9/19/2013

    This was our first meeting of the 2013/14 school year! All were welcomed back and new members to the stakeholder committee were introduced.

    The first part of our meeting was a recap of the work completed over the summer by the internal coordinators and EBD leader, Sue Rader. Most of the work time was spent collecting documents and evidence required by Middle States. This included: Profile of the School System and Student Performance, as well as collective evidence for each of the 12 Standards of Excellence on the operational and foundational organization.

    The second part of the meeting was a presentation of the first draft of the action plans created by Warren Hills staff at the end of the 2012/2013 school year. Team members broke down into groups to look at the steps and revise/edit the activity steps. Great discussion ensued regarding the Achievement Performance objective.

    Our next meeting is scheduled for September 25th to continue editing the remaining three objective’s action plans.




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  • Meeting 6.5.13

    Posted by Christopher Kavcak at 6/7/2013
    We would like to say thank you for all the dedication, contributions, and hard-work of the district planning team. Our final meeting for the 12-13 school year was full of great ideas.  We focused our efforts on Communication and Engagement.  For a list of all the ideas, click here. 
    The committee began to see how all of our ideas are starting to blend our four goals together.  This a been a great year for moving forward with the Middle States process and much of this is accredited to the parents, students, teachers, and administrators that gave all their time and honestly at our meetings.  THANKS AGAIN!!!!!  
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  • Meeting 5.8.13

    Posted by Christopher Kavcak at 5/9/2013
    Thank you to all who attended last evening's meeting.  It was a very productive night.  There were alot of great ideas shared, and some very clear action plans emerged.   Here is are the highlights:
    Students Achievement
    1. A portfolio of language arts work to follow the student throughout the district. 
    2. A focus on data collection and data analysis to help track students and identify areas of weakness
    3. A focus on student centered lessons and more interactive classes
    4. The idea of academic supports being built into the school day or programs that offer academic support extended in after school hours. 
    21st Century Skills 
    1. Exploring the  need to move to a one-to one ratio in available technology
    2. Providing training for staff, so they are comfortable with the available technology
    3. Increasing and enhancing our tech support staff
    4. Increasing opportunities for student in regards to technology courses
    5. Enhancing lessons and assessments with technology
    6. Creating informational centers for parents with tech support for all school technology programs
    1. Work to enhance community relationships
    2. Explore the option of Warren Hills having a social media presence
    We started to talk about engagement, however, we did not get an opportunity to finish. We will discuss this, as well as other ideas that may have came to mind on June 5th.  Please plan to join us, attendance at our last meeting was a little light.
    Come and BE THE CHANGE!!!!  
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  • Meeting 3.13.13

    Posted by Christopher Kavcak at 3/14/2013
    Welcome Back!!
    After a month of working with the schools' faculty and starting to get the vision off the ground, the district planning team was back to working on the Middle States Process.  To view the powerpoint of the progress to date, please click here.  
    The rest of the meeting was spend collaborating on how to get the word out.   To view our list, please click here.  
    Our next meeting is scheduled for May 8, 2013.  Please note that our April 10, 2013 meeting will be cancelled.  If you have any other suggestions, or questions until then, please post a comment or contact any of the internal coordinators. 
    See you all in May!  
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  • Meeting 12.5.12

    Posted by Christopher Kavcak at 12/5/2012
    Tonight's meeting opened a lot a great dialogue regarding the direction of our district for the next seven years.  The goal of the Middle States process is creating long-range planning for improving our district and the input and feedback from the meeting is an example of the commitment of the District Planning Teams to create these long-term objectives. 
    To view tonight's powerpoint, please click here. 
    Below you will see a list of the possible objectives we formulated at our meeting.  We ask that you take time to consider the objectives and offer some input via the comments section to help the internal coordinators combine the suggestions and create the objectives to send to Middle States for approval.  Remember we could choose 3-5 objectives that are district wide or create objectives specific to one of our schools.  If you have any questions, please contact any of the internal coordinators. 
    •By the year 2020, the students at WHRSD will demonstrate an increase in Math proficiency as well as improving on areas of weakness in other subjects.
    •By the year 2020, students in WHRSD will be able to demonstrate increasing and thriving test scores in each subject while improving weaknesses.
    •By the year 2020, students of WHRSD will show measurable growth on standardized tests.
    •By the year 2020, students of WHRSD will show individual growth and proficiency levels as measured by various assessment tools.
    •By the year 2020, WHRSD will demonstrate academic growth.
    •By the year 2020,  WHRSD will develop a sense of community and demonstrate increased interest and engagement among school, community among the  students, staff, and its community of stakeholders. 
    •By the year 2020, WHRSD students will demonstrate increased interest and engagement in school and community as measured by:
    •By the year 2020, stakeholders of the WHRSD will develop a sense of community, spirit and increased engagement between students, staff and community members.
    •By the year 2020 , WHRSD students will demonstrate improvement of their use of 21st Century skills needed to appropriately and effectively apply those skills.
    •By the year 2020, WHRSD will support a technology structure that promotes efficient and effective use of educational technology.
    •By the year 2020, WHRSD will develop and implement a technology plan that will provide students an opportunity to integrate technology into their lives.
    •By the year 2020, the WHRSD will increase opportunities to communicate between all stakeholders in a variety of formats.
    •By the year 2020, the WHRSD community will engage in effective communication.
    •By the year 2020, the WHRSD will enhance its methods of communication with stakeholders and constituents. 
    NOTE: Organize or time efficient was brought up and it could either go in as part of the objective or it could be part of our action plan
    Please post any comments by 12.14.12, and remember that you may not see your post immediately, it will appear after it is approved. Thank you in advanced for your input.  
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  • Meeting 11.14.12

    Posted by Christopher Kavcak at 11/15/2012
    Our November meeting was well attended by both current and new members of our District Planning Team.  After welcoming our new members, as well as some brief introductions, the internal coordinators recapped the progress of identifying areas for our district objectives, and reiterated the goal of the process. 
    As another piece of our Educational Programs standard, the district's Director of Curriculum and Instruction, Dawn Moore, shared state assessment data form the 2011-2012 school year.  To view this presentation, please click here.
    The planning team spent the rest of the meeting looking over the evidence for standards 9-12.  After a lot of great discussions, we have complied a list of the main themes, and the main areas for improvement.  To view this list, please click here. 
    Please feel free to read through these and post any comments or clarifications.  If something stood out to you, but you do not see it on this list, please post a comment.
    At our next meeting, 12.5.12, we will be formalizing our objectives to be set the Middle States for approval.  The Internal Coordinators would like to thank all of you for your diligence and your commitment to improve our school community.  
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  • Meeting 10.3.12

    Posted by Christopher Kavcak at 10/3/2012
    After a brief overview of our last meeting, the district planning team worked through standards 5, 6, 7, and partly through 8 to state objectives for consideration.  The updated list of possible objectives can be found here
    The "homework" for the member was to take a deeper look at standard 8, which will start off with at our next meeting, 11.14.12 at 5pm.
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