2016 Summer Assignments @ Warren Hills
General Information for English Language Arts Students
All students enrolled in Grades 7-12 in the Warren Hills Regional School District will complete a summer assignment for their English Language Arts courses.  Copies of the assignments will be distributed in students' English Language Arts classes in early June.  Each grade level will have one common assignment to be completed by most students in that grade level.
Students in Honors or Advanced Placement English Language Arts courses will have different summer assignments which reflect the advanced rigor of these courses.
If you have questions please contact the department supervisor (contact information is to the right). 
Due dates for assignments are listed on the assignments themselves. 
Middle School English Language Arts Summer Assignment
High School English Language Arts Summer Assignments
High School Honors and Advanced Placement Summer Assignments
Some Honors and Advanced Placement courses in disciplines other than English Language Arts have summer assignments as well, and these will be completed in addition to the English Language Arts summer assignment. 
English Language Arts 
Curriculum Contacts
Director of Curriculum and Instruction
(908) 689-3143, ext. 1005
Director of Special Services
(908) 689-3050, ext. 1004

Supervisor of Fine Arts, and Physical Education and Health, and World Languages
(908) 689-3143, ext. 1008
Supervisor of Technology, Business, and Industrial Technology
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Supervisor of English and Social Studies
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Supervisor of Mathematics and Science
 (908) 689-3143, ext. 1006
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