Mr. Nick Sarlo
Department of Business
Head Freshman Football Coach 
Head Middle School Baseball Coach 
Master's Degree: Educational Leadership - Centenary University
Bachelor's Degree: Business Management - University of Miami
Warren Hills Regional High School
Phone: (908) 689-3050 ext. 3547

E-mail: sarlon@warrenhills.org


667 Financial Literacy (2.5 credits grades 9)

This is the designated course to meet the 2.5 credit financial, economic, business, and entrepreneurial literacy graduation requirement. This course will offer fundamentals in financial literacy. Students will learn about their role in the economic system; choices that affect income, income sources, purchasing power, personal financial planning, banking procedures, personal risk management, credit, saving, investing and planning for the future.

632 Portfolio Presentation (2.5 credits grades 9-12)

Students will have the opportunity to learn how to speak to an audience and present materials using the latest technology available. Students will use universal topics of interest and learn how to research information, utilize the Internet, organize outlines, and create professional presentations. In a hands-on workshop setting, students will incorporate proper Business English, and communication through effective speaking. Students will learn techniques and etiquette for designing multimedia presentations. This course satisfies 2.5 credits of the 5 credit 21st century life and careers/career-technical education graduation requirement.

671 Sports and Entertainment Marketing/Management (2.5 credits grades 9-12)

Sports and Entertainment Marketing is one of the most exciting and competitive businesses in the world. This course will introduce students to the sports and entertainment industries, types of consumer products, marketing research, marketing strategies, branding, licensing and exploration of careers in these popular fields. The course includes application activities featuring sports marketing simulations and business scenarios. This course satisfies 2.5 credits of the 5 credit 21st century life and careers/career-technical education graduation requirement.

691 Communications Technology I, II, III (Wings) (5 credits grades 10-12)

This course will build on the skills attained by students who have taken a business course. Wings will put the business theories learned earlier into action as students run real businesses in the high school. Wings Inc. features a community flyer, school radio station breakfast bistro, school store, web site design, and more. Students are challenged to create ideas to increase Wings’ impact in the school and the surrounding community. This course provides an excellent experience for students looking to enter the world of business. More specifically, Communications Technology I is designed to introduce students to various aspects of communications. In Communications Technology II students will be regarded as team leaders in the areas of study where they excelled in Communications I, be it sales/marketing, finance, public relations, etc. In Communications Technology III, students will be team leaders and/or vice presidents of operations for the team. Students may repeat participation in this course in grades 11 and/or 12 for credit. This course satisfies the 5 credit 21st century life and careers/career-technical education graduation requirement.

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