• Welcome to Probability & Statistics!

    Students will need the following for this class:
    ★ paper/spiral notebook
    ★ graphing calculator (TI 84+ is recommended)
    ★ pen/pencil



    An email was sent out with the code to get into our google classroom.
    If you did not receive it, below are the instructions and the code to join:
    1. Sign in to your google account using your Warren Hills email.
    2. Click on the + on the top bar.
    3. Choose "Join a Class"
    4. Enter the class code 574xbch (Block A)
                       class code ictqhmp (Block E)
                       class code ywicbt3 (Block F)
                       class code konnia6 (Block H)
    **Class expectations will be posted soon.**

    Let's have a great year!!