• Course Description:
    English I 
    is a comprehensive full-year study of literature, writing, and related skill areas such as vocabulary, grammar, reading, and listening, with a broad genre approach in the study of literature. This course will emphasize the writing process approach to composition instruction. Revising and editing skills will be stressed, and usage, grammar, and sentence construction will be reviewed. 

    Please Note:  Whenever we are reading short selections from the textbook, the "Response andAnalysis Questions" at the end of each selection are to be consideredas the "study guide" questions for that particular selection.   If we are to have a traditional "test" for a unit of study from the textbook, a unit study guide will be generated in class and posted online. 

    Teacher-created study guides will be provided for the longer selections, such as novels and plays.  (See Mrs. Edmonds' link below.)

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