Students in 11th grade will experience instruction for a five week period outdoors on the Ropes Course. This course is directed towards trust and confidence activities, cooperative games, and activities, which develop strength, balance, and teamwork. Indoor activities will consist of archery, volleyball, indoor lacrosse or basketball, weight training and/or fitness activities. Instruction is directed towards the refinement of skills and techniques previously learned as well as an introduction to some advanced skills, concepts and strategies.

    11th Grade Physical Education One Semester

    Weight Training / Fitness Activities                    3 Weeks
    Basketball or Indoor Lacrosse                              3 Weeks
    Volleyball                                                            3 Weeks
    Archery                                                             3-4 Weeks
    Ropes Confidence/New Games                        5-6 Weeks


    Grading system for boys and girls in physical education
                    Credits:  2 1/2     3 days per cycle
    Each student starts out each new marking period with 100 points.
    Area I - Proper Attire - Participation - Attendance         70 points

             Each marking period, a student may earn a maximum of 70 points toward his/her physical education grade by, daily, wearing the proper gym attire, actively participating in all activities, and being in attendance.

             2 points off - First (1st) unprepared:  Failure to wear entire prescribed gym uniform.  A student will be considered "unprepared" and WILL NOT be permitted to participate in physical education class if he/she is (a) without sneakers, or (b) wearing inappropriate trunks or shirt, or (c) is wearing jewelry.  Sneakers must be securely fastened with all laces visible on the outside.  Hiking boots are not allowed.

             4 points off - Second (2nd) unprepared and subsequent days not prepared for class

             1 point off -  Missing athletic socks

             1, 2, or 3 points off - Unsatisfactory participation

              2 or 4 points off - "cutting" class will be considered as being unprepared for class and the appropriate amount of points (1st, 2nd, or 3rd unprepared) will be deducted - in addition, appropriate disciplinary action will be taken by the school administration.

    Area II - Skill Ability - Knowledge of Activity - Effort, Improvement and Cooperation

             Each marking period, a student may earn a maximum of 40 points toward his/her physical education grade as indicated in the following areas.

    Marking Periods 2 and 3

             1.  Skill Tests                                                    20 points

             2.  Effort, Improvement and Cooperation                 10 points

    Marking Periods 1 and 4 (Archery/Ropes)
             1.  Skill Tests                                                    20 points

             2. Effort, Improvement and Cooperation                 10 points

    Final exam grade equals 1/9 of the final course average. 


    GRADES 9 -12

      1.  Physical education instructors will be available during the time of 2:20 - 2:45 to provide instruction to students who desire extra help in physical education and to administer written and skill tests to students who need to make them up.
      2.  It is the responsibility of the student to contact the instructor and arrange for a time to make-up any assignments missed.  A student who misses a written or skill test, due to an excused/non-cumulative absence, will be allowed two weeks from the date he/she returns to school to make up the test(s) missed. 
      3.  Failure to make-up a written or skill test will result in a zero (0) being awarded for that particular test.
      4.  A medical excuse is defined as an illness/injury that is verified by a note from a doctor or the school nurse.  Students should refer to the separate Make-up Policy for Medical Excuses to determine how such classes can be made up. *See departmental web page for medical excuse policy
      5.  Cumulative absences, which exceed 6 for the semester, will result in a loss of credits for physical education. *BOE policy
      6.  Any unique situation, which is not covered in the above guidelines will be resolved by the department supervisor/principal, with each situation being evaluated on its own merits.