• Chess Club

      Meet in room 323 during lunch 

      During chess club, students play Chess and other games of logic such as Connect 4, Othello and Quoridor. 

      We will have a Connect 4 tournament in the fall and a Chess tournament in the spring.

      We are also involved with community service activities such as Pedals for Progress and Habitat for Humanity

      Congratulations to the 2018/19 Connect 4 champion
      Jason Teets
      Congratulations to the 2017/18 Chess Tournament Champion
      Joe Finnegan
      Congratulations to the 2018/19 BugHouse Champions
      Jason Teets and Ryan Stabile

      Warren Hills partnership with Pedals for Progress began in 2004 with John Rotola's Eagle Scout Project.   The were a number of bike drives between 2004 and 2015, but the data has been lost.

      2015 Pedals for Progress Bike Drive
      57 bikes, 6 sewing machines and $674
      2016 Pedals for Progress Bike Drive
      66 bikes, 4 sewing machines and $675
      2017 Pedals for Progress Bike Drive
      92 bikes, 37 sewing machines and $1632
      2018 Pedals for Progress Bike Drive
      141 bikes, 39 sewing machines and $2336
      2019 Pedals for Progress Bike Drive
      145 bikes, 58 sewing machines and $2126
      Article on chess being a requirement in Armenian schools to help teach leadership, problem solving and cooperation.
      Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel - The Chess Master
      Mr. Detrick
      908 689 3050 ext 3549

      Meeting Times
      During lunch 

      Meeting Location
      Room 323