• Chess Club

      Meet in room 323 during lunch 

      Cancelled for 2020/21

      During chess club, students play Chess and other games of logic such as Connect 4, Othello and Quoridor. 

      We will have a Connect 4 tournament in the fall and a Chess tournament in the spring.

      We are also involved with community service activities such as Pedals for Progress and Habitat for Humanity


      Warren Hills partnership with Pedals for Progress began in 2004 with John Rotola's Eagle Scout Project.   The were a number of bike drives between 2004 and 2015, but the data has been lost.

      2015 Pedals for Progress Bike Drive
      57 bikes, 6 sewing machines and $674
      2016 Pedals for Progress Bike Drive
      66 bikes, 4 sewing machines and $675
      2017 Pedals for Progress Bike Drive
      92 bikes, 37 sewing machines and $1632
      2018 Pedals for Progress Bike Drive
      141 bikes, 39 sewing machines and $2336
      2019 Pedals for Progress Bike Drive
      145 bikes, 58 sewing machines and $2126
      2020 Pedals for Progress Bike Drive - Virtual
      47 bikes, 31 sewing machines and $850
      Article on chess being a requirement in Armenian schools to help teach leadership, problem solving and cooperation.
      Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel - The Chess Master
      Mr. Detrick
      908 689 3050 ext 3549

      Meeting Times
      During lunch 

      Meeting Location
      Room 323