• Attendance Policy and Procedures
    (18A38:25-31, NJAC 6:3-9)

    At Warren Hills Regional High School, we value and protect instructional time.  We wish to teach students the importance of prioritizing their responsibilities.  With this in mind, what follows is the state attendance requirement and our school policy for student attendance:

    1)    Minimum attendance requirements (NJ State Law)
    • All students are required to attend school until the age of 16.  Therefore, students may be signed out only with parent consent between the ages16 and 18.
    • Parents who do not require their children to attend school may be charged and required to appear before the municipal court. The Division of Youth and Family Services may be involved.
    2)    Consequences for failing to meet minimum attendance requirements
    • Any student who accumulates more than 12 cumulative absences in a full-year course or more than 6 cumulative absences in a semester course may not receive credit for the course.  Students losing credits may appeal (SEE Attendance, Section 7).
    • If a student loses credit for the course due to excessive absence but earns a passing grade for his/her work, the student will still be recognized as meeting the course requirements.  The student can move to the next level in that subject.  However, credits will not be issued towards the minimum number of required graduation credits. For example, if a student passes but does not receive credits for Spanish II, he or she may take Spanish III during the next school year.
    • If credits have been lost and an appeal denied, students may receive credits by attending summer school only if they continue to attend the scheduled class without causing disruption and do the work expected of them.    
    3)    Procedures to be followed for student absence
    • Parents should call the school at 908-689-3050 between 6:45 a.m. and 9:00 a.m. to report any absence of their child on the date of that absence.  If we do not hear from a parent, the school may call to verify the absence.
    • In order for an absence to be considered non-cumulative (See 4 A-J), students must bring a note to the main office attendance desk within 10 school days of their return to school stating the student's name, the date, and reason for absence.  PARENT NOTES FOR ILLNESS DO NOT CLASSIFY THE ABSENCE AS "NON-CUMULATIVE."
    • Students may not participate in any school activities including, but not limited to, athletics, extra-curricular activities, school curricular programs, field trips, dances, etc. that take place after the end of the instructional day of an absence or if the student signs in at the office after 9:25 a.m.  Exceptions may be granted for previously scheduled medical/dental appointments, and scheduled driver's licensing tests (behind the wheel) provided approval is granted by the administration on the day prior to the absence.
    • Emancipated students are legally able to sign their own absence excuses and permission slips to participate in all school-sponsored events.  They are, however, held accountable to the same rules for attendance as other students.
    4)    Non-Cumulative absences include the following:
    • illness or recovery from an accident, verified by a doctor's note within 10 school days
    • death or other serious family problem 
    • response to a court subpoena
    • college visits limited to two days for juniors and two days for seniors--a note from the college on college stationery must be submitted on the day of return
    • driver's behind-the-wheel test (maximum of two absences)
    • in-school detention and/or out-of-school suspension
    • approved school field trips, activities, or athletic competitions
    • appointments with school personnel
    • religious observances-- (as noted by State publication) parent note required
    • an approved home instruction program (bedside)
    6)    Parent notification of daily cumulative school absences
    a)    A student's total unexcused absences and tardies to each class are posted on Infinite Campus on a daily basis.  Parents and students should utilize Infinite Campus as part of the attendance notification process.  If you need help accessing Infinite Campus, or do not have computer access, please notify the school as soon as possible.
    b)    Parents will be reminded periodically to check their student's     attendance through Infinite Campus.  Reminders will be posted on Infinite Campus, along with notices for progress reports and report cards.  In addition, an automated phone message reminder will be     sent at these times to alert parents and students to check attendance status.
    c)         Should a student reach 6 and 10 cumulative absences (full-year course) or 3 and 5 cumulative absences (semester course), a notification will be made to parents that the student is in danger of losing credit for a particular course.  Parents and students are encouraged to contact the appropriate guidance counselor or case manager to discuss attendance concerns and the school's policy.
    d)    When a student has accumulated more than 12 cumulative absences (full-year course) or more than 6 cumulative absences (semester course), a letter will be sent home indicating that "non-credit status" has been assigned for that course, outlining steps for an appeal.  When calculating total cumulative absences for a course, parents and students are reminded that every 3 tardies to a class convert to one cumulative absence for that course, which must be added to the number of absences listed on Infinite Campus for that class, in order to obtain the total number of cumulative absences, which may affect credit status.
    e)    When a student is present in school, but fails to report to a class after 15 minutes, this will be regarded as a class cut (SEE Attendance, Section 11).  As such, it is possible for a student to have a greater number of absences in a class than they do on their daily school attendance record.  In accordance with our policy (Section 11), parents will be notified of class cuts by the administration.  Detentions may be assigned for excessive tardiness to class.
    7)    Appeals
    a)    Requests for appeals must be submitted in writing, with reasons stated, to the principal within 10 days of receipt of the "non-credit status" letter.      
    c)         Attendance appeals will not be granted for any class that is cut.
    d)    Documentation for all absences is the responsibility of the parent/guardian and the student.  While this process is underway, students will continue to attend classes, participate as expected by the teacher, and complete all long-and short-term assignments.
    8)    Early Dismissals
    a)    Early dismissals are discouraged.  However, the school will honor medical/dental appointments and extreme emergencies.  To arrange for early dismissal, a parent must write a note to the Attendance Office specifying the date, time and reason for the request.  Students are responsible for bringing the notes to the Attendance Office a day prior to the requested day.  The Attendance Office will follow up by contacting the parent to verify the early dismissal.  If the parent cannot be reached to verify the early dismissal, the student could be refused permission to leave.  The parent must come to the attendance office to meet their student, sign the checkout book and present valid ID before the student will be dismissed.  Attendance regulations will apply.
    b)    CIE students must sign out prior to leaving the building each day.
    9)    Truancy
    a)    Truancy is a student's failure to attend school without authorization from the parent or guardian.
    b)    Students truant from school may NOT make up work missed.
    10)    Class Cuts
    a)    Class cutting is the failure to attend a scheduled class, lunch, or study hall. A class cut is defined as missing more than fifteen (15)     minutes of class time without approval of assigned instructor.
    b)    Excessive cutting of any class may result in a disciplinary withdrawal from that class.
    c)         Work missed due to a class cut CANNOT be made up.
    11)    Tardiness to class
    a)    Tardiness to class impacts not only a student's ability to receive instruction essential to the lesson, but also the teachers’ ability to instruct to the advantage of all students enrolled.
    b)    Tardies to class will convert to cumulative absences for each class as follows:
    a.    Every 3 tardies (from the sounding of the bell to 15 minutes) equals 1 cumulative absence.
    b.    Every tardy MORE THAN 15 MINUTES equals 1 cumulative absence and will be handled as a class cut.
    c.    If you accumulate more than 5 tardies in a semester course, or more than 10 tardies in a full year course, there will be no attendance appeal for that course.
    d.    Excessive tardiness to class will be referred to administration for disciplinary action.
    12)    Tardiness to school
    a)    Students arriving late to school must report to the Resource Personnel stationed at the main entrance, provide their student identification, and sign in with their name and time entered. After signing in, students must report directly to homeroom or class.  Students will not be admitted late to homeroom/first block without a pass.
    b)    Students are permitted 6 tardies per semester
    13)    Leaving School Grounds
    a)    Once arriving at school in the morning, students may not leave school property.  Doing so constitutes leaving school grounds.  Similarly, in the afternoon, students may not leave school grounds and return for transportation purposes.
    b)    Students who leave school without administrative or parental permission will be considered truant and will be subject to disciplinary action.  
    c)    Parents will be notified.