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    A Secret for Two

    by Quintin Reynolds


    1.  What does Pierre do on  his job?







    2.  What is the dreadful news Jacques has for Pierre one morning?











    3.  How does Pierre die?







    4.  How do we learn Pierres secret?







    5.  Why do Pierre and Joseph not seem old when they are together?






    6.  What makes Pierre keep his blindness a secret?









    7. How is the friendship between Pierre and Joseph like a friendship between two people?










    8.  What is the hidden problem in A Secret for Two?  How might the story be different if the writer revealed the hidden problem sooner?










    9.  What is the meaning of the storys title?








    10.  How does Pierres boast about Josephs skill give you a clue to the secret?









    11.  How does Jacques unusual remark that Pierre and Joseph seem to share a secret hint at the hidden problem?