• The Drummer Boy of Shiloh

    Study Guide


    Study the following facts:

    ·       Joby is not eager for the next days battle.

    ·       The story takes place on a battlefield during the Civil War.

    ·       The general tells Joby that he also cried.

    ·       The troops are not well prepared for the upcoming battle.

    ·       Joby is the heart of the army.

    ·       At the beginning of the story, the troops are waiting to fight a battle.

    ·       Joby is envious of the other soldiers because they have weapons.

    ·       The general is frightened that many soldiers will die.

    ·       The statement the waves are rolling in like a well-ordered cavalry is an example of simile.

    ·       The battle was named after a nearby church.


    Use your Vocabulary Chart to study the following words:      


    touchstone                     mutely              resolute  
        miraculously                             legitimately





    ·       Be able to use the RACE strategy to explain how Joby is the heart of the army.