• Mrs. LaFrance's Notes about Prepositions


    A preposition relates the noun or pronoun following it to another word in the sentence.

            about         behind       during           off         to

          above         below        except      on         toward

          across        beneath      for       onto        under

          after      beside     from      opposite    underneath

          against       besides      in          out         until

          along        between     inside       outside        up


          among        beyond       into       over           upon

          around       but        like           past          with

          at             by            near      since          within

          before      down          of       through       without







    Prepositions consisting of more than one word are called compound prepositions.



            according to          by means of          instead of



          ahead of              in addition to         next to



          aside from            in back of            on account of



          as of                  in front of                  on top of



          because of           in place of            out of




    Prepositional Phrases


            A preposition in a sentence always introduces a prepositional phrase.


            A prepositional phrase is a group of words that begins with a preposition and ends with a noun or pronoun.  The noun or pronoun following the preposition is the object of the preposition. 


                Ex:       on top                  of spaghetti


                                in the sand               in the sun



    Preposition or Adverb


    Some words can be used as either prepositions or adverbs.


    Remember:  When used as a preposition, the word begins a       


                             prepositional phrase and is followed by an object.



               When used as an adverb, the word will have no object.


            Ex:  The meatball rolled outside the door. (prep. phrase)                      The meatball rolled outside. (adverb)