• 8th Grade Integrated Science

    2020-2021 Course Outline


    Content:  The emphasis of the eighth grade Science curriculum focuses on topics discussed in Physical Science, Earth Science, and Life Science.

    Homework:  Assignments will reinforce concepts and skills developed during class. All homework will be given an initial due date as well as a final due date for credit. Once this final due date passes, the homework assignment will no longer be accepted for credit. Homework handed in late will receive a point reduction based on assignment and number of days late. 

    Homework Exemption Passes:  Students may choose to be exempt from one homework assignment each marking period.  Homework exemption passes may only be used on the day the assignment is due.  If you are absent the day an assignment is due, you may only use the exemption the day you return.  Exemption passes cannot be rolled over.  They expire at the end of each marking period.  You may NOT use an exemption pass on a Study Guide. 

    Tests/Quizzes:  Quizzes will be given throughout each marking period.  Some quizzes may be unannounced.  Tests will also be given throughout the marking period.  Tests are always announced.  Study guides will be provided for most tests. 

    Labs:  Throughout the year labs will be assigned to all students.  Ample time will be provided to complete each assignment both in and out of class.  Labs will receive point deductions for being late.  If absent, it is the students’ responsibility to make arrangements to complete the lab within one week’s time. After this, the student may no longer make-up the lab and will receive a zero for the assignment.

    Participation: A participation grade will be given periodically throughout the marking period and will comprise 20% of your final grade. This grade will consist of being prepared for class, bringing your charged Chromebook daily, participating in class or group discussions, being appropriately active in classwork & lab assignments, abiding by the safety rules & procedures, etc.

    Notebooks:  ALL students are expected to keep an organized notebook or binder.  You may use whatever kind of notebook that works best for you.  Should you choose to use a spiral notebook, please have a folder to keep handouts and graded papers in. 

    Absent from class:  If you are absent from class for ANY reason (sick, band, sports, nurse, field trip, bathroom, etc.) it is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to obtain the work missed.  As per school policy, you have as many days as you were absent to make up the work.  Please review this policy and be cognizant of any work missed while you were out of class.

    Behavior:  Appropriate behavior is expected from ALL students at ALL times.  If a student disrupts class, consequences may include the following:  lunch detention, after school detention, parent/guardian/teacher conference, or disciplinary write up. 

    Safety:  Safe behavior is expected of ALL students at ALL times.  If you are compromising your safety or the safety of anyone else in the class, you will be sent from the room.  ALL work missed will need to be made up after school. 

    Textbook/Online Textbook Responsibility:  Students will be assigned a code to access their online textbook. If for any reason, a student would like to sign out a classroom copy he/she must complete the textbook sign out form. The textbooks may be signed out at the end of the day and must be returned during homeroom the next day. A teacher must initial the sign out form once the textbook is returned. It is the student’s responsibility to have a teacher sign the book back into class.

    9th Grade Honors:  Teacher recommendations will be based on grades and student performance/behavior that has been demonstrated throughout the first and second marking periods.  Please discuss your intentions or concerns before the end of the second marking period. 

    Communication:  Please contact your child’s teacher with any questions or concerns.  Email is best! 





    Mrs. Muroski



    Mrs. Miksch




    Tools to help you Succeed!


    1. Teacher website: Use the website to find important information regarding homework, copies of notes and study guides, rubrics, and access to Genesis (grades and missing assignments)


    1. Genesis: A link to Genesis can provide you with up-to-date grade information and missing assignments.  Please check your grades on a regular basis. 


    1. Help: We are available before and after school for extra help, make-up work, or for a quiet place to study and do homework.  During Remote Learning, I have office hours every day from 9:00 to 10:00 every day. Please see the Welcome page on Muroski’s website for the Office Hour Google Meet Link.


    Fair isn’t everyone getting the same thing.

    Fair is everyone getting what he or she needs in order to be successful!




    Supply List for Science



    6-pens (blue/black ink)


    6-sharpened Pencils w/ erasers


    1-one inch binder or 1 notebook and folder




    1 pencil case/box to hold all supplies