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    Today is Friday, September 29, 2023.
    Mrs. Laubach is a Teacher of
    Mathematics 7 and Accelerated Math 7 
    908-689-0750, ext. 2572

    Meet Your Math Teacher

    I grew up in nearby Hope Township, New Jersey and attended Hope Township School (K - 8) and Belvidere High School. After high school, I attended Salisbury State University (now Salisbury University) in Maryland. I completed my student teaching semester back in New Jersey at North Warren Regional Middle and High School while attending courses at Fairleigh Dickinson University. In May 2000,  I was awarded my Bachelor's Degree in Mathematics with a concentration in Secondary Education from Salisbury State University. I am certified to teach mathematics for kindergarten through twelfth grade and all subjects for kindergarten through eighth grade. I have previously taught 4th - 6th grade math at Oxford Central School for six years.

    2023-2024 will be my 18th year at Warren Hills Regional Middle School. I am currently teaching Mathematics 7 and Accelerated Math 7...and love it! Ever since I can remember, I have had an interest in and a passion for math and problem solving. Being mathematically minded came naturally for me. My mother could tell you stories of my alphabetized Golden Books as a child and my co-workers will tell you that I'm overly organized (although I don't always feel that way). From that organization, came logic and reasoning skills that helped me to wrap my brain around mathematics because everything built on everything else. I liked figuring things out, so math and I were a perfect fit. Teaching has also been a passion for me since I was young. As a child, I created and ran a summer playgroup complete with classes. I'm sure my two younger sisters can also recall me "teaching" them in the fake classrooms we would set-up on my parents' porch. I thoroughly enjoy what I do and hope that my enthusiasm will instill some interest and enthusiasm in my students as well!

    Mrs. McKenzie J Laubach

    Looking to Brush Up...

    Some topics to review (watch a video, do some online games or print and try some worksheets w/ answer keys):

    Whole Number Operations (especially division)

    Decimal Operations

    Fraction Operations



    A Few Good RESOURCES to Check Out!