Algebra 1 - Room 214
    With this class, the textbook will be a very useful tool for extra practice and step by step examples in it. You can also sign up to access the brand new text online. Just go to www.pearsonrealize.com and use your Google username and password.  
    This is a subject that you WILL need to study for. The way you do this is to read over the examples in your notes and use the textbook online resources as well as retry some problems that you know the answers to.

    Algebra is a subject that builds upon itself and continues to get more complex as we go. So, if you have any questions or are not sure of a concept, you will need to get help so that you do not fall behind later on when that concept is used again.

    To access your grade or homework assignments, please go to Genesis. Assignments will not be accepted past due dates posted on Genesis. Homework is due when it is due.