• SAT Prep
    The SATs are a very different test than what you are used to taking in high school.  The keys to success on this test are to relax, learn the tricks and practice, practice, practice.  This doesn't mean just the week before.  It would be great if you could do an hour or two a week for 6 months or a year.  Like it or not, SATs will play a big role in determining which college you get into and how much scholarship money you will be offered.  
    Best Paying Part Time Job Ever
    Think of studying for the SATs as a very good paying part time job.  Lets say you spend 50 hours studying over the the course of 6 months (2 hours per week).  This could easily help raise your scores enough to be eligible for additional scholarship money.  Lets say that because of your improved scores, you get a scholarship worth $20,000 ($5000/year).  You can think of your studying paying you $400/hour.  That definitely beats minimum wage.  In my experience in working with many students over the years, I believe that most of the scholarship money available from colleges are based on SAT scores.  So take an hour or two a week and study for the SATs. It could be the best paying job you ever have. 
    Community College?
    If you plan to go to community college right out of high school, which is a great decision for many students, you do not need to take the SATs, but might want to consider it for two reasons.  First, the SAT scores can be used in lieu of the placement exams at some schools.  Secondly, if you do well enough on the SATs, they may open up other college opportunities that you weren't considering. 
    Helpful SAT Prep Sites 

    I would suggest getting started with Khan Academy.   Here are links to two sites associated with Khan Academy.



     Tutoring Sessions 
    Students should see their guidance counselors for information about SAT tutoring sessions offered at Warren Hills.