• Parts of Speech Review



    1. Friendliness is an example of a(an)

                    ______________ noun.


    2. Write three linking verbs.

    1.____________    2. ______________ 3. ____________


    3. I, me, my, us, we, our are examples of _______________________________.


    4. Highlight the adverbs in the following sentences:

          a. Yesterday, I played football.

          b. I will travel abroad for a year.

          C. Maria quickly decided to go with her friends.


    5. Down the mountain flew the members of the ski team.

    Highlight the two prepositional phrases in the sentence above.


    6. Write an example of a compound noun. ______________________________


    7. Dana will pay for her tuition by check or by money order.

    Circle the conjunction and underline the two phrases it connects.


    8. Bill phoned from school last night and said that he lost his wallet.

          Circle the antecedent for ‘he’ and ‘his’.


    9. How is down used in each of these sentences?

    (noun, pronoun, verb, adjective, adverb, preposition)


          a. The team lined up for the first down. ____________________________

          b. He can down a quart of milk in one minute. ____________________________

          c. She often drives down from the city. _____________________________

          d. The horse galloped down the lane. ______________________________

          e. I bought a down comforter. ______________________________


    10. Highlight the 5 prepositional phrases in the following.


          For several days I have waited for snow. Finally, the flakes began to fall, and I watched out the window as the whiteness began to accumulate. “School will surely be cancelled,” I thought as I slipped into my ski pants. Sure enough, five minutes later, the call came, and school was closed for the day.




    11. Use the word rule as (1) a noun and then (2) as a verb.



    12. Use the word underneath as (1) an adverb and then (2) as a preposition.




    13. Use the word highway as a (1) noun and then (2) as an adjective.




    14. Circle the conjunctions in each of the following sentences and underline the words, phrases, or clauses they connect.


    a. She asked whether football or baseball is my

            favorite sport.

    b. We expect them either in the morning or in the


    c. Neither flowers nor candy seems an appropriate gift.

    d. Not only will the Smiths attend the party, but they

            will also bring guests.

    e. Unable to run or to hide, the mouse froze in his


    15. Tell the part of speech for each of the underlined words.

    noun   adjective   verb

          a. A child can load a 35 mm camera. _______________________

          b. To open it, she pushes a button. _________________________

          c. She then inserts the fresh spool of film into the

                 empty spool space. _______________

    pronoun   adverb   preposition

    d. That leaves a tail or leader of film sticking out and ready

                 to be pulled. ___

     e. She pulls the leader of film across the

                sprockets.    ______________________

    f. She then inserts the edge of the film gently into the

                 slots in the empty spool. _________________

    g. Pulling the film tightly, she quickly makes certain it

            is in place. _________________________

    pronoun   adjective    interjection

    h. Presto! She now closes the camera.


    i. An intelligent child has just loaded a 35 mm camera.


    j. What could be easier!