• “IN THE FOG”       PAGES 207-214



    1. arrogant – adj. (ar-ro-gant)   full of unwanted pride and self-importance


    2. dismissal – n. (dis-miss-al) an order for the sending away of someone


    3. enchantment – n. (en-chant-ment) magical spell or charm


    4. illuminated – v. (il-lu-mi-nated) lit up, glowing


    5. indignant – adj. (in-dig-nant) feeling or expressing anger in reaction to an injustice, ingratitude, or meanness


    6. indistinct - adj. (in-dis-tinct) not being able to be told apart, unclear


    7. mite – n. (mit) bit, small piece or amount


    8. moonshiners – n. (moon-shin-ers) people who make and sell alcohol illegally


    9. retractors – n. (re-trac-tors) surgical instruments for holding back skin or tissue during surgery


    10.               stertorously – adv. (ster-to-rous-ly) with loud, raspy, obstructed breathing, noisy snoring