• “In the Fog” by Milton Geiger   Questions/Study Guide   text pages 207-215



    Directions: Answer the following questions using complete sentences.


    1. What is the doctor doing when the men approach him? Why are the men glad he is a doctor?



    2. Why do the two men make the doctor nervous?



    3. To where do Zeke and Eben lead the doctor?


     What does the doctor have to get from his car?



    4. Why does the doctor scold the men?


     What does he believe has happened?



    5. What does the doctor do to help the injured man?





    6. Why does the doctor want to move the man? How do Zeke and Eben react to the idea of their friend going to the hospital?









    7. What does the doctor tell the gas station attendant? 


    According to the doctor, what did the strange men look like?


    8. What are the strange men the doctor sees? 

         How do you know?


    9. What is strange about the way the gas station attendant reacts to the doctor’s story? 


    The gas station attendant responds to the doctor and says, “On a night like this— well--you’re not the first those men’ve stopped…or the last.” 

    What does he imply?



    10. What does the gas station attendant say can be seen in daylight when the fog is gone?

    Who were Zeke and Eben? 


    What did they mean when they said, “We never meant a mite o’ harm, I can tell ye. If we killed, it was no wish of ours?”

     Why did they have to kill? 


    What other clues did the doctor have about the identity of the men?