• “The Foghorn” and “In the Fog”




    “The Foghorn”

    anguished – adj.

    feeling great suffering or pain



    apparatus – noun

    device or machine

    ascend – verb

    to climb upward

    concussion – noun

    violent shaking, shock

    daft – adj.

    insane, crazy




    dinghy pier – noun

    docking place for small boats

    primevat – adj.

    from the earliest ages

    projection – noun

    something that sticks out

    raveling – adj.

    separating, becoming thinner

    saber tooths – noun

    prehistoric tigers with large teeth



    thresh – verb

    beat or strike

    verify – verb

    test or check for correctness`

    “In the Fog”

    arrogant – adj.

    full of unwanted pride and self importance



    dismissal – noun

    an order for the sending away of someone

    enchantment – noun

    magical spell or charm

    illuminated – verb

    lit up, glowing

    indignant – adj.

    feeling or expressing anger in reaction to an injustice, ingratitude, or meaness



    indistinct – adj.

    not being able to be told apart, unclear

    mite – noun

    bit, small piece or amount

    moonshiners – noun

    people who make and sell alcohol illegally

    retractors – noun

    surgical instruments for holding back skin or tissue during surgery



    sterorously – adv.

    with loud, raspy, obstructed breathing, noisy snoring