•                                         NOUNS



     A noun names a          person     -     veterinarian, Dr. Smith, boy

                                         place       -      Washington, yard, kennel

                                         thing       -       textbook, pencil, paper

                         idea or quality    -       honesty, strength, loyalty

     1. A common noun names any one of a class of people, places, or things.

                                          Examples:       school, park, teacher

     2. A proper noun names a specific person, place, or thing.

    Examples:       Warren Hills Middle School

                       Central Park

                                 Ms. Bartell

                                 Mrs. Corvino

                                                                  Mrs. LaFrance      

                                                                  Mrs. McKeown     

                                                                  Mrs. Terhune

                                                                   Mrs. Trigiani


    3. A collective noun names a group of people or things.

                             Examples: club, herd, army, class, group, team





    4. A compound noun is a noun made up of two or more words. 

                Three ways compound nouns are formed.


    Separate Words                               Hyphenated Words               Combined Words      

        post office                                           bull’s-eye                                 flagship

     middle school                                      daughter-in-law                           railroad


    5. A concrete noun is a noun that you can touch.

                 Examples:       chair, desk, pencil, cup, chocolate, bat, puppy, book

     6. An abstract noun is a noun that you CANNOT touch.

                 Examples: love, hate, honesty, integrity, feelings, camaraderie, exemplar,

                                 happiness, joy, evil, anxiety, hope, peace, war, friendship, attitude,

           loveliness, beauty, kindness, transition, bravery ……..


           Now you add a couple more:





    Is a noun able to be classified as more than one type?

                     baseball – common, compound, concrete

    Tappan Zee Bridge – proper, concrete, compound

                          flock – collective, concrete, common