How can you help your child improve in French?

    It takes time to learn a new language, so be sure your child puts in the time practicing every day.

    We will be using the books Discovering French as a basic resource. You can access McDougal littells web site at: http://my.hrw.com

    There, you will find everything from the online book (don't forget your login credentials), flashcards, and leveled activities to support skill development. You will also find practice quizzes, tests, and Web quests that will introduce your child to the French world online.

    That is the number one activity that I suggest.

    Here are a few other helpful activities:

    2* Review, skim over textbook chapters to get a better understanding of the course material. Lay out an initial study plan with consideration for extra review and practice time.

    3* Practice and rehearsal will be an important aspect of the learning process. To enhance memory and learning of vocabulary, make flashcards (or use madame's on Quizlet), and practice learning new words on a daily basis. Be sure to include articles in front of all nouns (to learn the gender of the word at the same time).

    4* Give vocabulary quizzes at home (plan them ahead of time and use the words we are using in class) and reward all efforts. This will encourage your child to study words and improve his language skills.

    5* Increase motivation; arrange working groups with other classmates. Having a "study buddy" can make studying more enjoyable, give him the opportunity to practice communicating orally in the foreign language, and help him assess his learning progress. Developing and taking practice tests similar in format to the classroom tests will help him learn and review class material as well as enhance your test-taking skills.

    6* Especially grammatically, ask someone to explain the rules and patterns that exist in English and then compare with the ones that he is learning in French.

    7* Play little games like "you can go to the movies if you tell me what this word means" or "I'll give you 1$ for each French word that you can translate".

    8* In order to stimulate interest and excitement about learning a foreign language, seek out opportunities to immerse yourself in the foreign language and culture. Try listening to French music; a lot is available on youtube and Spotify, TV shows (cable/travel channels/Netflix/Prime video), or movies (make sure that the first or second language is French and use subtitles). Talk with native speakers of the foreign language, and visit exhibits and/or festivals that celebrate the countries in which the people speak the foreign language.


    Homework, quizzes, and tests

    Homework assignments, quizzes, and test dates will be announced and posted on the board in room 314 as well as in Genesis.

    Study guides will be available on request.



    For this class, the use of online translators will be considered and treated like plagiarism (when used to translate complete sentences or paragraphs). I suggest that you get familiar with using a French/English dictionary, and/or French/English apps. It's ok to use them to translate words like "dog= un chien".


    What programs can I purchase to supplement?

    I do not encourage the purchase of any language program. Instead, I suggest that you develop and incorporate, in increments, habits that involve the language in your daily life. Change the language on your phone, your television, or any other device. Listen to podcasts, radio stations, music, or read (current event, directions, recipes) in French daily. Also, by writing needed lists (to do, groceries, etc) in French, etc.