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    District Planning Meetings 
    One of the overall goals of the Middle States Accreditation process is to keep all the stakeholders informed of the progress and to ensure that everyone has input in developing our plan for growth.  After every planning team meeting, district, high school, or middle school, you can find a recap on the respective links below.  Along with the recap you will find a copy of any presentations and/or handouts.  You will also have the ability to provide feedback and or pose questions to the district internal coordinators via the comment application on the page. This is one of the ways you can track the progress and provide valuable input during this process.
    We encourage you to check in monthly to track the district's progress in this endeavor, and we welcome your feedback. We are confident that together we can improve our school!
    Click here to view a summary of the district planning meetings: District Planning Team Meeting Recaps

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