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    District Planning Meeting Recaps
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  • Meeting 5.6.15

    Posted by Christal Barr on 5/11/2015
    Hello Blue Streaks Community!
    On Wednesday, May 6th, we held our last District Steering Committee (DSC) meeting of the school year. The meeting began with an update of what has occurred since our last DSC, which was on March 11th. This included the distribution of 4 new staff surveys (Twitter, Academic Supports, TV Show and Attendance).
    During this meeting, members of our Google Apps Committee presented their proposal. Additionally, we had members of our engagement committee present on the creation of a new club - Streaks Nation. While Streaks Nation does not need DSC approval, the internal coordinators felt it was important to highlight the great things that are occurring as a result of the EBD faculty time we are given. They plan on following the club approval process in the upcoming weeks. 
    Thank you for all who attended. Stay tuned for DCS dates for the 15/16 school year!  
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  • Meeting 3.11.15

    Posted by Christal Barr on 3/16/2015
    On Wednesday, March 11th, we held another District Steering Committee (DSC) meeting.
    The Internal Coordinators provided stakeholders with some updates on the staff surveys distributed including:
    • Improving Math Scores
    • Academic Assessments
    • Bell Schedule
    • Mobile Devices
    • Exemplary Attendance 
    During this meeting, we also brainstormed ways to increase involvement among staff, students, parents and other stakeholders.
    The night ended with a presentation from our PTSA committee.
    Please mark your calendar, as May 6th will be our last DSC meeting of the year - we hope to see you there! 
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  • Meeting 11.19.14

    Posted by Christal Barr on 11/19/2014
    This was the first District Steering Committee of the 2014-2015 school year - thank you for everyone who attended!
    The meeting kicked off with an update of the two proposals that were approved last year - GPA and Cell Phone. Both proposals became effective in September 2014 and evidence of their implementation was provided for all stakeholders to see. Other updates included:
    • SurveyMonkey account is up and running! To date, we have distributed 4 surveys (›Marzano Peer Sharing, Articulation, Parent Seminars and 21st Century Workshops)
    • Our Data Collection Committee had a half PD day to start compiling baseline data and to distribute SurveyMonkey surveys
    • WHRSD faculty and staff have had 2 afternoon EBD days thus far to work on proposals
    • The Internal Coordinators have completed compiling documentation on our compliance monitoring issues to Middle States (due December 2014)
    At this meeting, 2 proposals from the Communication Objective were presented - Twitter and a TV Show. Both were approved, with stipulations. 
    We look forward any recommendations being addressed at the next District Steering Committee, which will be on 1/28/15, along with more proposals from our committees! It was a great day to be a Blue Streak!!!! 
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  • Meeting 5.21.14

    Posted by Christal Barr on 5/22/2014
    At the last District Steering Committee meeting of the year, the GPA and Cell Phone proposals addressed the required and recommended recommendations that were discussed at the last meeting. We are happy to report that the GPA proposal has been approved and will be moving to the final stage - presenting the 'first reading' at a BOE meeting! The Cell Phone proposal addressed many of the recommendations but still needs to have discussion with BOE committees regarding the district's policies before moving to this stage. Many thanks to all of our faculty (and respective stakeholders) for all of their hard work - it is starting to pay off!
    We look forward to the start of the 14/15 school year and seeing more proposal's approved and implemented.
    It is indeed an exciting time to be a Blue Streak! :) Have a safe and happy summer!!!
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  • WHRSD to be on the radio!!!

    Posted by Christal Barr on 4/28/2014
    Mrs. Rader & Mrs. Barr are going to be interviewed - LIVE - on WRNJ Radio! Make sure to tune in on Thursday, May 1st at 10:30am and listen to us talk about the Middle States process and all the wonderful things WHRSD is doing!
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  • Meeting 4.9.14

    Posted by Christal Barr on 4/10/2014
    This was the first EBD District Steering Meeting since the Middle States visiting team was here in November. Since that time, and taking into consideration the feedback and suggestions provided by Middle States, WHRSD faculty have continued working in their respective goal committees to complete their proposals.
    The meeting started with a warm welcome back, followed shortly thereafter with an overview of a proposal flow chart. The flow chart, which was handed out to all stakeholders, outlines the necessary steps WHRSD faculty need to complete prior to a proposal being presented to the EBD District Steering Committee. To date, two goal committees have completed the required actions and were able to present their proposals - GPA and Cell Phone Policy. 
    Members of each goal committee presented their proposals, which included a cover page and powerpoint presentation. The goal committee members reviewed applicable BOE policies, the stakeholders that have been involved with the process, and any data they have collected. Healthy discussions for both ensued. The internal coordinators gathered the feedback for each and provided these committees; feedback included both required and recommended actions.
    The next EBD District Steering Committee will be on Wednesday May 21st 2014 from 5-7 in the HS library. All are welcome to attend.
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  • Meeting 10.23.13

    Posted by Christal Barr on 10/24/2013

    At this district planning meeting, we completed the external scan. The stakeholders identified trends that they believe could impact Warren Hill’s ability to meet our four objectives by 2020. Within each trend, external factors were listed and we discussed the possible impacts these external factors would have on Warren Hills. From there, we brainstormed possible responses the district could take to combat those trends. A great discussion pursued and it was an extremely productive night! Thank you for all who attended and contributed :)

    The Middle States Visiting Team will be at Warren Hills Regional School District from November 12th–15th. We are excited for their arrival! On Friday November 15th at 2:45pm, we will be hosting our Closing Ceremony at the high school. All are welcome to attend!

    Our next district planning meeting is tentatively scheduled for November 20th, from 5-7pm in the high school library.



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  • Meeting 10.09.13

    Posted by Christal Barr on 10/10/2013

    This meeting was well attended by both students and BOEmembers. Our meeting opened with Mrs. Rader giving a brief recap of thepre-visitation meeting we had on Monday with Dr. Valerie Valenti. A roughagenda of the days the visiting team will be at here at Warren Hills has beencreated and will be fine-tuned in the upcoming days.

    After the recap, we worked as a group on revising the lastobjective – 21st century. Once that was complete, Mrs. McKelveyexplained the last major step we need to complete prior to the visit, theexternal scan. Group members learned about the various external factors thatcould impact Warren Hills and discussed which ones were applicable to ourdistrict. At our next District Planning Meeting, which will be on October 23rd,we will continue to discuss and develop the external scan.


    Thanks to all who attended!

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  • Meeting 9.25.13

    Posted by Christal Barr on 9/26/2013

    Thank you for everyone to attended the meeting – it was a very productive night! During our time together, we discussed and revised action steps for the Communication Objective as well as the Engagement Objective. A lot of great ideas were shared and a more clear path was developed for many of these action steps.


    Our next meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, October 9th.  All are welcome to attend!

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  • Meeting 9.11.13

    Posted by Christal Barr on 9/19/2013

    This was our first meeting of the 2013/14 school year! All were welcomed back and new members to the stakeholder committee were introduced.

    The first part of our meeting was a recap of the work completed over the summer by the internal coordinators and EBD leader, Sue Rader. Most of the work time was spent collecting documents and evidence required by Middle States. This included: Profile of the School System and Student Performance, as well as collective evidence for each of the 12 Standards of Excellence on the operational and foundational organization.

    The second part of the meeting was a presentation of the first draft of the action plans created by Warren Hills staff at the end of the 2012/2013 school year. Team members broke down into groups to look at the steps and revise/edit the activity steps. Great discussion ensued regarding the Achievement Performance objective.

    Our next meeting is scheduled for September 25th to continue editing the remaining three objective’s action plans.




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