• AP Computer Science
    This is a full year class with a few goals in mind:
    • Help students successfully prepare for the APCS exam, and receive college credits
    • Improve Computational Thinking, Logical and Problem Solving Skills
    • Explore the vast opportunities available in STEM careers (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math)
    • Give the students an opportunity to challenge themselves in a fun and engaging way

    Click here for the classroom rules and expectations sheet
    Click here for the summer assignment.
    Click here for the Intro to CS review with video links.    
    Link to review videos on theNewBoston youtube site.
    Here is a sample program with FORMATTING
    Online Textbook and resources for homework:
     Go to https://runestone.academy for the online textbook that we are planning to use.
      - Create a username using your last name and first initial :  Example:  DetrickD
      - For the class put in WHAPCS2017
    Practice problems will be assigned from the following sites: 
    APCS Test Review:
    Online videos for APCS review 
    Review book for APCS - with timed tests 
    APCS Review Flash Cards
    edX free online course 
    Top 10 things to review - worksheets
    Mr. Horn - Tutoring and resources 
    AP Resources - lots of links 
    Links useful for class:
    Eclipse IDE:
    • We will be writing most of our programs in Eclipse.  Download the Eclipse IDE for Java Developers.  Any release should be fine.
    • Here is a good tutorial on Eclipse - Getting Started with Eclipse with Java
    • Here is a link for a good tutorial on Eclipse.  Eclipse is professional grade, which means there are a lot of features we won't use.
    • Click here for Mr. Detrick's instructions on Eclipse, including setting headers, braces and expected coding style.
    AP Test Info:


    Helpful videos / lessons:

    Here are microvidoes for all topics covered in AP CS at teachapcs.com 
    Some of the links go to youtube which has additional links by the same teachers.    Let me know if they are any good. 
    Mr. Hazards - CS Java videos 
    Isay Katsman - CS Java videos.
    Computer Science Dictionary 

     Applet that demonstrates different sorting algorithms.

    Please help me find some helpful videos on the following topics.  Try to find interesting, short animations.
    • Recursion
    • Insertion Sort
    • Selection Sort
    • Merge Sort
    • Any topics that would be helpful to AP or Intro to CS

    Practice questions: - These can be used all year long

    • This is a great site to practice writing actual code and seeing if it works - CodingBat
    • Very cool online practice exam question site from Georgia Tech  or this one if not opening
    • Practice-It for practice problems
    • This site looks like it has a lot of practice problems - Albert
    • Array quizzes - quiz1 - quiz2 - quiz3 - quiz4
    Java Info:
    • Java API lists all the classes and methods built into Java.
    Textbook info:


    Other useful and interesting link: