• Intro to Computer Science
    This is a full year class with a few goals in mind:
    • Introduce students to Computer Science and the Java Programming Language
    • Improve Computational Thinking, Logical and Problem Solving Skills that can be applied to numerous disciplines
    • Explore the vast opportunities available in STEM careers (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math)
    • Give the students an opportunity to challenge themselves in a fun and engaging way
    Click here for the classroom rules and expectations sheet


    Due May 1 or first class after that:

    Read these two articles (DNA and Police Cameras)   and write 200 word opinion on your thoughts on privacy versus public safety.
    Links useful for class:
    Article on Roads of the Future - read and write a 150 word reflection on what stood out the most to you 
    Video Series on Computer Science Crash Course (not about programming, but everything else.  Well done) 
    String review video - Univerisity of Washington- video 1 
     Fun with data compression on Code.org
    Credit Card check digit 
    •  JoeApplet and SolidObject - drop in the same package as your game - make sure to change package name to match your programs
    • Instructions for JoeApplet - written by former student Joe Waldinger to prevent flashing through the use of double buffering
    Eclipse IDE:
    • We will be writing most of our programs in Eclipse. Download the Eclipse IDE for Java Developers.  Any release should be fine.
    • Here is a good tutorial - Getting Started with Eclipse for Java
    • Here is a link for a good tutorial on Eclipse. Eclipse is professional grade, which means there are a lot of features we won't use.
    • Click here for Mr. Detrick's instructions on Eclipse, including setting headers, braces and expected coding style.


    Karel J Robot:
    • We will begin the year by learning Java through Karel J Robot.  At the website download the simulator which is about 2/3 down the page. 
    • This will need to be linked to Eclipse using the following    Eclipse Instructions.
    • Here is another way to set up Karel in Eclipse - video
    • How to create a Karel world - here
    Computer History
    Java Info:
    ASCII art
    Binary Game
    •  Fun game to learn binary
    Textbook info:
    • In the beginning of the year, we will be using the Karel J. Robot book
    • Then we will switch to Java Software Solutions (6th) which will mostly just be used as a reference.  There isn't a good support site for this version.
    • There is a lot of additional information on-line, including a reasonable on-line text Au Naturel


     Other interesting CS Information: