• U.S. History I
    Mr. Barillari/Mrs. Apostol
    Class Notes/Study Guides/Assignments
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    Mr. Barillari

    Mrs. Apostol





     All attendance problems will fall under the guidelines set forth by the main office.

                If you are absent you must see me the day you return for any missed assignments. Please be sure to check the assignment piles in our room upon your return. You are also responsible to get any class notes you missed during your absence.


    Class Materials:

                You are expected to bring a notebook and pen/pencil to class every day. You will be notified if any other materials will be needed on a specific day. There will be a class set of textbooks in the classroom for use.  The textbook can also be accessed online.  You will be assigned a login and password in the near future.



                Homework will be assigned as we feel it is needed. Please refer to the handbook regarding the value of homework. All homework will be collected and graded. If you do not have the homework on the day it is due you will be able to make it up for a late grade. If you are absent you will have the same amount of time to complete it as everyone else.



                Each student will be graded on a variety of skills in several different ways.  Each assessment will be assigned a point value.  Assessments will include:  tests, quizzes, projects, daily assignments, and homework.


    Making up tests and quizzes:

                For missed tests and quizzes you will have one week from the time you return to make up the work. For extended absences a specific make up schedule will be agreed upon mutually.


    Test requirements

                Tests will consist of a variety of questions. Multiple choice, essay, matching, true/false, and fill-ins are all possible. You are responsible for all material covered via homework assignments as well as all class work.  Any and all of this material may show up on tests. Anyone caught cheating on a quiz/test will receive a zero.



    Extra Credit:

                As per school policy, no extra credit will be accepted.



    Discipline and class control:

                Any acts which I consider unbecoming of a student during class are punishable. For minor infractions (i.e. unauthorized talking) the student’s seat will be moved. Once your seat is changed it is permanent. If this does not result in acceptable behavior, or for more serious infractions, a referral will be made to the main office and parents will be contacted.

    Contact Information:


    Mr. Barillari:  barillaris@warrenhills.org

                            908-689-3050 ext. 3688


    Mrs. Apostol: apostoll@warrenhills.org

                            908-689-3050 ext. 3627