• Clifford Platt
    HS Fine Arts Department
    Email: plattc@warrenhills.org
    908-689-3050, ext. 3608

    Advanced Theatre Arts ( 5 credits, grades 10-12 )
    Prerequisite: Theatre Arts( course #741)  90% or better by the end of the 2nd M.P.
    Teacher recommendation required.

    "Acting is reacting"

    The Advanced Theatre Arts course is a specialized program for the more serious theatre student.
    The course will focus on the student's ability to perform monologues and scenes. This course will explore the use of imagination in character development and the communication of emotional response in stage characterization.  The students will have the opportunity to explore various aspects of experimental theatre. Students will be responsible for and required to read approximately seven full length scripts during the course of the school year. The reading is independent and will provide each student with a knowledge of the styles of different playwrights.

    Advanced Theatre Map:
    Monologue Project: