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    Honors PreCalculus is a class designed to prepare students to take AP Calculus next year.

    Students are given a test at the beginning of the year (about 1 week into the school year) on algebraic skills learned in previous math classes that they will need to be able to use all year in PreCalculus. This test is a baseline indicator of preparedness for this class.  The test will include rationalizing denominators, simplifying radicals, operations with polynomials, factoring (GCF, difference of two squares, trinomial, and grouping), operations with rational expressions (algebraic fractions), solving linear, quadratic (must know quadratic formula) and polynomial equations; solving compound, linear, quadratic and absolute value inequalities; using distance and midpoint formulas (memorize formulas); graphing and writing linear equations. This information will not be taught in this class; students must use the Appendix A at the end of the Precalculus book to prepare for this test.

    The first half of the year is dedicated to topics in Analytic Geometry : Linear, parent (constant, absolute value, square root, reciprocal), Quadratic, Polynomial, Rational, Exponential & Logarithmic Functions, Analyzing the Graphs of Functions, Transformations of Functions, Inverse & Composition of Functions, and deriving the Zeros of Functions.

    2.4 Independent Assignment

    The second half of the year is dedicated to the branch of mathematics known as Trigonometry - the study of the measurements of triangles. We will study the unit circle, right triangle trigonometry, graphs of trigonometric functions, inverse trigonometric functions, bearing and harmonic motion, trigonometric identities - verifying trigonometric identities and solving trigonometric equations, solving oblique triangles using the law of sines and cosines.

    We will use trigonometry to briefly study polar coordinates and polar graphing.

    We will study non-linear systems and partial fractions.

    If time permits we will end with a unit on limits - the bridge into Calculus.

    All Honors PreCalculus students are required to have a graphing calculator and know how to use it.  A part of each assesment will have problems which can only be solved using a graphing calculator.  A graphing calculator may be borrowed from the school ( a signed permission slip is required).  

    Grades are posted in a timely manner on Genesis.


    HONORS PRECALCULUS 2021 Syllabus


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