•  Señora L.J. Zamora
    1/7/2020  Feliz ano nuevo. I can hardly beleive we are in the year 2020. I remember when it was 2000. Just 20 years ago.  LOL!!  I explained now the big issue was the Y2K bug. I explained that all of the computerized systems was projected to create havoc.  I asked them to ask you about it. I wonder if they did?  Spanish 1s are working on describing their likes and dislikes, learning pronouns and how to conjugate the irregular verb SER.  I love teaching!! Seeing their faces when they get it is priceless.  Spanish 8 is finishing up the Greetings. We are working on a scrapbook detailing content they have learned to date.  Stay warm! 
    12/2/2019 The time is going by so fast.  We are in the mist of the Holiday season. It is a wonderful time of the year.  My Spanish 1 class should be hard at work creating and memorizing an introduction dialogue with a partner. I know they will do great.  On Friday they will have their first Unit Test. It will encompass all they have learned to date. 'Buena suerte' to all my students.  My Spanish 8 class is working on the weather. Next week we begin the Greetings and Farewells.  They too will create a dialogue introducing themselves to another.  Great times!!
    11/27/19 'Feliz día de acción de gracias'. I sincerely hope all my student's and their families enjoy this wonderful holiday. 
    10/2/2019  I am having a great time getting to know your children and teaching them my passion.  We finished the Spanish Speaking Countries and are now on the 'ALFABETO.'  From there we will spend a little time on the numbers then on to greetings and good-byes.  Remember that if you have a question please feel free to call me or even better e-mail me a time to call you.  Enjoy 'el otoño.'
    9/9/2019 We are still in the mist of getting to know each other and practicing the class procedures.  Next week we start reviewing the Spanish Speaking Countries and then unto alfabeto, calendar, weather and saludos.  I've attched a link to a good article on why children should learn another language. I hope you get an opportunity to read it.  I'm lookig forward to meet each of my student's parents at Back to School on 9/12/19.  See you then.  
    8-30-2019 ¡Bienvenidos a la clase de español! I am looking forward to a wonderful school year.  I met my classes these past two days. All seem to be excited about learning Spanish.  I'm so glad to see that.  I am sure that that enthusiasm will continue throughout the year. I hope all had a wonderful, restful summer.  It went by so fast. And now we're back to school. So here's to a 'fabuloso año de escuela'. Don't forget that you have your supplies to bring in by the next time (9/3 or 9/4) I see you, as well as the classroom contract signed by you and your parent and the letter I sent you a couple of weeks ago.