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    Spanish - English Dictionary

     An excellent resource for looking up words that your book or Spanish/English dictionary might not include.  Word Reference even offers discussion boards where students can search users' comments on those extra difficult words or phrases.


    Online Textbook Link

    Spanish 1

    You will be given your login and password information in the next few weeks for your online textbook. 

    The webpage is

    Exploratory Spanish does not use a book.   You will be directed to various webpages. 


    Supplementary Resources


    \Supplementary Resources
  • Do you want to do a little practice on your own, outside of class and not involving our textbook?  This webpage allows you to take Spanish into your own hands.  You can choose your own level as well as topics and lessons.

  • Flash Card Maker

    Students can create their own flash cards or use those provided to study for verb, vocabulary or culture quizzes.