• 865 Principles of Engineering (5 credits grades 10-12)

    Prerequisite: Introduction to Engineering
    This course will be based upon a design and problem solving approach. Students will be instructed in the various areas of engineering and then be asked to solve problems based on the skills and knowledge they have acquired. For example, students will participate in the FIRST Robotics Competition, where they will design and construct a robot based on electronic, mechanical and material processing skills. This will give them the opportunity to experience practical problem solving under the pressure of competition. This course satisfies the 5 credit 21st century life and careers/career-technical education graduation requirement.
    How to get inventor for your own personal use:
       autodesk free student software
    Find the program you want (We are using Autodesk Inventor 2015 in class) 
       Note-check your system requirements before starting the download!!!
    Fill out student form with teachers email address
       Email address Slacka@warrenhills.org
    Happy Inventing!!