The Warren Hills Guidance Department is excited to be using Naviance Family Connection, a powerful interactive tool that opens the avenues of communication between home and school. This individualized, customized, and secure website supports academic and career planning for Warren Hills and beyond. Naviance helps students and parents make better decisions about career paths and college opportunities. To access Naviance, please visit the link below:




    7th grade students will be introduced to Naviance in the spring and will be given their own username and password. 8th grade students will be introduced to Naviance in the fall and will be given their own user name and password. We encourage parents to ask their children to share their username and password, but parents can also access the site, under Guest Entrance with the password 'whparent'.


    With Naviance, Warren Hills Middle School students will be:

    Using the Learning Styles Inventory in 7th grade

     The Learning Style Inventory online assessment diagnoses students’ unique learning styles based on an analysis of their personal preferences in 16 different areas. Those areas include the student’s immediate environment (sound, light, heat, and design), emotionality (motivation, persistence, and structure), sociological needs (self-oriented, peer-oriented, or adult-oriented), and physical needs (perceptual preference(s), food intake, time of day, and mobility). MI Advantage similarly uses the Multiple Intelligence theory to reveal students’ individual intelligence strengths and challenges, such as bodily-kinesthetic, musical, or interpersonal intelligences. At the end of each assessment, a personally tailored report identifies each student’s unique learning style and provides guidance on how to maximize learning potential



    Using the Career Key in 8th grade

    Research shows that close personality / college major / career matches predict success and satisfaction. This career test is one of the few tests that truly measures the Holland six personality types, according to scientific studies. It is based on the most respected and widely used career theory, Holland's Theory of Career Choice. Career Key's scientific matching system enables students to identify careers and college majors that match their interests, traits, skills and abilities. (www.naviance.com)