CP Physics                   2017 - 18 School Year

    3/14/17 -  Here is a link to a short clip on ENERGY!



    2/26/17   Check out the short video on Energy Conservation by clicking here.



    11/3/17  Hey guys, here is the KEY to the 5 stations of gravity Lab!  Quiz early next week.  TEST next week too, on the motion unit.  Bring your pumpkins in!

    10/20/17  As promised, here is the  Key  to the Gravity Video Lab Questions.  Remember that a write up is due on Tuesday!
    Here is a  Link to a good review sheet when studying the importance of x vs. t and v vs. t graphs. 
    And here is the KEY to the Avg Velocity Calculations for 01b -01e and also the KEY for the Exit Questions!
    Here is a link to the Linear Velocity Review Packet.  It contains lecture notes, worked examples and some upcoming material. Check it out!
    HERE is the KEY to the Factor Label Packet.  Be sure you have mastered it!
    We'll have part II of our Quiz on Wednesday!

    Material from previous school years follows:

    1/21/17  To help you with Work and Energy, you can view the accompanying video lecture.  Link HERE.
    12/20  Attached find the BASIC FORCE PROBLEMS KEY .   Next we'll learn how to use the third law in Lab to make predictions about the real world!
    11/30  Here is the Key to the First Law Group Quiz.  We are done with the First Law, now on to the Second!
    11/7  As promised, here is The KEY to the 5 stations of Gravity Lab!    Review your work carefully, there's a quiz on it tomorrow.
     9/23/16   Look here for the Answer Key to the 1D Motion Lab !
     9/9/16   We'll be working on developing multiple representations of motion, with motion diagrams (cotton balls), data tables, words, x vs. t and v vs. t graphs, and mathematical models.  To help get you a good foundation, take a look at the links below. 
    check out this video that may help you clear up any confusion about acceleration!
    15-16 School Year Materials 
    2/5  For a video lecture on the Work / Energy Theorem, try this  link.
    1/27 Starting our unit on ENERGY.  Here is a copy of some study materials and homework problems on the study of Energy. 
    1/14  Here is the KEY to the Third Law worksheet
    12/17/15  Here is a LINK to detailed solutions to the FORCE PACKET.  Check 'em out!
    11/19/15  After completing the roof jumping problem, check this Detailed Answer Key to make sure you've got it all!  
    Horizontal Projections quiz is next!  And good luck to all those taking on the challenge of the Angled Projection problems! 
    11/9/15  Here is the answer key for the 5 station lab, as promised.  Get ready for the quiz!!!
     10/11/15 we begin our data analysis section.  The next two activities (one will be a lab) will focus on determining whether or not an object experienced constant acceleration.  But we will do this by analyzing data.  
     9/25 Today is the Lab Assessment for the 1D Motion Lab.  It will include x vs. t and v vs. t graphs !!!
     We will be delving into the complicated concept of acceleration next.  Here is a link to the Linear Acceleration Packet which is our upcoming topic!
    Here is a copy of the 1 Dimensional Motion Lab that we started in class.  All questions (including the exit questions) need to be answered in complete sentences. 
    The x vs. t graphing keys that we went over in class and had available at the front desk are now posted HERE.
    For those students looking ahead, here is the Linear Velocity Packet that we'll be working on next.
    Here are the video lectures you are expected to watch OVER THE WEEKEND!  Also complete the worksheet
    Quiz upon return from the weekend, Tuesday, on basic conversions, which were due in class today and we reviewed them.
    After the quiz, we will work on the harder problems that involve non-linear conversions, and quiz the following class period.
    HERE is the KEY to the Factor Label Packet.  Be sure you have mastered it!
    9/1/15 - First Day of School!  Welcome back. 
     It is SOOO important for you to develop a deep understanding of units and 'dimensional analysis'.
    Here is a Link to the Factor Label worksheet we received in class.  
    And here is a link to a page on the internet with metric conversion factors 
    We'll work on it and go over it in class and then we'll have some quizzes to help you understand what level of mastery is expected of you.
    Here is a video lesson on the Work / Energy Theorem  we've been working with in class.
    And here is Part 2  of that lesson! 
    HERE is a worked solution to #21 in the Forces Packet,
    and Here is another example. 
    The Forces Packet will be due on Monday.  Today we will cover Friction and get a study guide, which will help you complete the remaining pages.   
    Here  is a link to a video solution of #21 in the packet on Multi Body Systems
    We'll be quizzing next week!
    11/21  Finish the Force vs. Mass lab.   Next week we will derive Newton's Second Law from the data, to accompany our understanding of Equilibrium (Which Newton's First Law Governs)
    Here are copies of all the things we've been doing in the FORCES Unit:
    All of the above deal with Newton's First Law.  
    We've learned it as:  If there is no Net Force on an object, then it will not accelerate! 
    Hey Jason A!  This posting of the 5 Stations of Gravity Lab ANSWERS is for you!
    Continue the 5 Stations of gravity lab this week, link below. 
    quizzes on freefall acceleration this week.   
     Freefall Video lab (a.k.a. gravitational acceleration lab)  DUE TODAY.
    Quizzes on material covered in lab start tomorrow

    Here is a copy of the 5 stations of gravity lab we will start in class today. 

    Test today on Acceleration and Velocity.
    Tomorrow we'll start a lab that allows us to determine the Gravitational Acceleration 


    10/6/14 - check out this video that may help you clear up any confusion about acceleration!
    Here is the link to the Linear Acceleration Packet - contains study guides and practice problems.
    Here are the materials for the unit on Linear Velocity:   Try the links to the video lectures!
     Linear Velocity Packet (lecture notes and homework exercises)

    1D Motion Lab 


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