AP Physics                       2017-2018 School Year


    3/29/18  Here are the notes on the WAVES unit


    1/24/18  Gravity Notes and Problems can be found here

    1/9/18  Here is the Socrative Quiz on Rotational Motion.  Correct the problems you got wrong in class, plus do #11 and #12. 
    11/22/17  And here is a LINK to the Inclined Plane Take home.  The initial assignment is HERE.
    11/20/17. Try this link to a video on energy conservation.  ---  Energy #1
     11/8/17  Here is a suite of 3 videos that refer to inclined planes and multi-body problems
    10/26/17  Here is a KEY for the equilibrium problems recently assigned.
     Previous years information some is obsolete --- primarily the videos :(  
    1/30  Check out the Lecture Notes on Waves 
    11/15  Courtesy of Jenna's Florida Cruise, here is video lecture (early) on the Work / Energy Theorem.  Work / Energy Theorem I ,  W/E II
    11/2 By request, here is another video solution to #21 in the packet which is a MUTI - BODY problem.
    10/31  For those of you looking for a sneak peek toward inclined planes, take a look at this Video!
    10/27   HEY LOOK!  A video solution to one of our Equilibrium Problems!    Video Solution to Equilibrium Problem
    10/25/16  Look here at the KEY for the Equilibrium Problems.
    In lab we are testing the model of the constant acceleration of free fall.  Here is the link:  5 stations of Gravity Lab 
    5 station lab answers are forthcoming. 
    Our next lab is the experimental calculation of the freefall acceleration.  This data driven lab is one of the most important ones we'll do all year.  It contains elements of real world data gathering and detailed data analysis, pattern recognition and application.  You'll use EXCEL (or other type software) to create tables and graphs for a number of scenarios, and attempt to revel the overarching commonality between them all.  There will be a lab write up associated with this lab as well.
    Here are some review materials.  I strongly suggest that you watch the videos.  
     Linear Velocity Packet (lecture notes and homework exercises)
    This is a copy of the 1D Motion Lab we've been working on in class.
    And here is the KEY to the 1d Motion lab....
    Link to acceleration packet with review notes and practice problems (in the packet) is here
    Check this link for the key to the Advanced Kinematics Problems.

    Materials from 15-16 School Year
     3/1/16  Here is a copy of the Waves Packet, which contains notes and some problems to try
    2/5 And here are notes regarding Gravity and Kepler's Laws 
    2/4   Here are some extra UCM problems for you to try, with answers.
     1/27  Here is a copy of our Lab Activities for Uniform Circular Motion.  
     1/25  Here is a link to a study guide, including Notes on UCM and extra problems to try (with answers).
    12/22  There's MOMENTUM homework over the break.  Both in the packet and in the textbook.  Here is a link to annotated solutions for the textbook problems.   The packet problems have the answers within it.
    12/9/15  Try these two links for lectures on the Work/Energy Theorem   W/E part 1  and   W/E Part 2
    11/25  Some resources for you to help with Inclined planes and Mulit-Body problems
     ALSO:  here is a link to a series of videos designed to help you comprehend the mysterious and magical THIRD LAW of Newton
    Weekend 11/14 - 11/16  read this friction study guide and complete the first 5 pages of this Forces Problems packet.    You'll need to know that a = Fnet / m which is a conclusion of the current lab.  
    11/12/15  And here is a Link to a video example of a worked equilibrium problem.
    11/10/15  Attached is a copy of the Equilibrium Problems KEY.   The quiz is next class!
    10/14 As requested (Thanks Jake), here is a solution key  to the Off the Roof problem from the horizontal projection problems worksheet 
     10/13/15  After our lesson on VECTORS, do the following worksheets  #1: Vectors Lesson and Worksheet and #2: Trigonometric Method of Vector Addition
    10/8  And here is a copy of the Horizontal Projection Problems worksheet that is DUE TUESDAY.
    10/7  Check this link for detailed solutions to the Advanced Kinematics Problems.
    10/5   Here is the requested KEY to the 5 stations of Gravity Lab.
    Ok Cam, here is a sample lab write up for the freefall lab, and also the Answer Key to the questions associated with the lab.
    The Gravity Data lab is complete.  Assessments today and tomorrow.  Know how we determined that the freefall acceleration is downward at a constant 9.8 m/s^2.  Also know what freefall means.
    Here is a copy of the 5 stations Lab in which we will TEST OUT our model that acceleration is constant for objects in freefall.
    Here is the GRAVITY DATA LAB that we started in class and that you'll be working on diligently over the weekend!
    And here is the link to the second video for the lab.
    I recommend that you use excel (or similar) for the calculations and graphs, it will save you a ton of time.  I have laptops you can use if you don't have access to a spreadsheet type program
    Today TWO assignments were given.  Due next class.  
    This is the LINK to the Linear Acceleration Packet.
    1D motion lab.  Check the KEY here. 
    9/4/15  We will work on the Lab for two more class periods and then have a couple of quizzes on it. 
    9/2/15  This is a worksheet on graphing that you should complete for HW.
     9/1/15 - First Day of School
    Welcome to AP Physics I.  Here are some links for you to check out, which should help clarify some ideas.
     Linear Velocity Packet (lecture notes and homework exercises)
    Here is a Link to Review Questions for the AP 1 and 2 Physics Exam!
    Series and Parallel Circuits Materials:
    Video Lecture  on COMBINATION CIRCUITS analysis.
    Wave Packet due Thursday.
    Here is a link to Wave notes that you may use to support what we are doing in class and what is in the textbook.
    We'll have a wave properties quiz this week.
    Over the weekend, take a look at the attached Gravity Notes and Practice Problems.  
    Do the 8 problems and answer the thought provoking questions at the end.  Astronomical data is in an appended table.
    These 10 problems on UCM were handed out in class Thursday, and are due Monday
    and here are UCM Notes for those who missed some class time.
    Uniform Circular Motion
    - an object moving with a constant speed in a circle of constant radius  IS ACCELERATING.  Therefore it must have a net force on it.
    - We know that for an object in UCM, a=v^2 / r  (see handout)
    Chapter 7, new HW Assignment #9,17,23,24,32,41,42
    Here is a copy of UCM notes for your perusal.
    Pendulum Lab due Friday. 
    Here are the Work / Energy Theorem lectures Part 1 and Part II.  

    The Notes and Practice Problems for the upcoming Energy Unit are here.

    The multiple choice powerpoint review we did in class can be viewed  here.
    By Popular Demand, HERE is a video solution to Problem #21 in the Forces Packet that deals with Multi Body Systems. 
    Quiz on Monday after we review the Lab Activity.
    Quizzes this week, on detailed friction and inclined planes
    Here is a link to a video example of a Multi-Body Problem , with the FBDs and algebra worked out.
    Please click this link to see an example Inclined Plane problem.
    Here is a link to a worked solution to  Problem 3 from the Equilibrium Assignment.
    Here is a link to the entire assignment:  Equilibrium Problems
    And here is a copy of the Force Table Lab, that we are doing today.  
    There will be a quiz when we meet next. 
    10/28/14 - AP Physics 1
    Quizzes on Horizontal and Angled projections this week
    click for Annotated Solutions to the jump off the roof problem (horizontal projections)
    Here is a copy of the  Projectile Motion Lab 
    for additional work with projectiles, try the Projectile Motion Simulator 
    And there are some advanced problems associated with the unit too, The Range Equation and The Battleship.
    For those of you looking for additional work with vectors, here is a complete Vector Review Packet 
    Starting unit on FORCES later this week:
    10/22/14 - AP Physics 1
    Quizzes on the Freefall acceleration this week
    Horizontal Projection problems due next class 
    *Check this Link for a 15 minute video of a worked example of an Angled Projection*
    And this link provides the 5 Stations of Gravity Lab ANSWERS .
    For a sample synopsis for Gravitational Acceleration Lab click here 
     And here is a copy of the 5 Stations of Gravity Lab we'll complete this week.
    Gravitational Acceleration Lab --- due Friday.
    Remember, the first page needs to be a summary of what you discovered and how you discovered it.
    Graphs and calculations may be referenced and should be attached, but not part of the overall description of what you discovered. 
     Link to acceleration packet here
     1D Motion Lab to be completed by Monday 9/22
     Linear Velocity Packet (link below) also due 9/22
    Here are the materials for the unit on Linear Velocity: 
     Linear Velocity Packet (lecture notes and homework exercises)