Why should you learn computer science?


    Because it opens doors of opportunity in all fields of employment.



    Highest paying starting salaries 2020

    Most are STEM careers that use computational thinking skills

           STEM = Science, Technology, Engineering and Math


    Here are some resources to help you learn Computer Science (all free)

     The best place to start is at Code.org

    • Watch the 5 minutes video
    • Try to Hour of Code - I recommend the Angry Bird Tutorial, but try others
    • 20 hour Courses for CS fundamentals
    • Adding Computer Science to your school
    • promote about Computer Science - including your state


    Once you've spent some time with Code.org, Scratch should be next

    • Scratch - Create stories, games and animations that you can share online
    • ScratchED - online educational resources for Scratch
    • ScratchJR - Scratch for younger students (ages 5-7)
    • CSFirst is Google's curriculum that uses Scratch and other resources


     If you want Physical Computing, I would highly recommend Microbits:

    • You can work with a virtual Microbit at MakeCode
    • Great projects and tutorial at Micro:bit website
    • Purchase Micro:bits for around $20. 
    • The MaQueen Robot is the best low price robot I have seen ($25) which is a Microbit accessory - Video


    Here are some additional sites that are great for beginners 


    Resources for New Jersey Teachers

    Here are some links for those who want to learn some more advanced topics


    Additional Resources:


    If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at detrickd@warrenhills.org

    Enjoy coding.

    Daryl Detrick