• Honeywell Instant Alert System

    The Warren Hills Regional School District utilizes the Honeywell Instant Alert System for school notifications.  Honeywell handles our phone, e-mail, and SMS (text) notifications of school closings and other announcements.  To ensure that you receive timely notifications, we recommend that you maintain your most up-to-date contact information in Genesis Parent Portal.  

    Beginning in the 2018-2019 school year, we will be restoring the ability for the community to set communication preferences in the Honeywell Instant Alert System.  This functionality will require you to create an account in the Honeywell Instant Alert site and maintain your contact information through both Honeywell Instant Alert and Genesis Parent Portal.  Please note that communication preferences reset during our summer rollover process and will need to be re-established in the Honeywell site prior to the next school year.  

    If you choose to set up an account to manage your communication preferences, your Honeywell Instant Alert online profile will enable you to:

    • Update your personal contact information for alerts only (please use Genesis Parent Portal for all other contact information updates).
    • Select which type of school information you would like to receive on each of your contact devices
    • Set the days and time of days you would like your phone devices to receive alerts
    • View the alerts that have been sent to you in the past

    The Honeywell Instant Alert website can be accessed at https://instantalert.honeywell.com

    Please access the resources below for more information on the Honeywell Instant Alert system: