Ms. Jennifer Jessen                            

    Department: Special Education

    Email: jessenj@warrenhills.org

    Extension: 908-689-3050 ext. 3533


    Courses: Science * Math * Pro-Social

    This is my 18th year of teaching and my 4th year at Warren Hills High School.  I believe that a classroom should be a community in which students, teacher, and parents work together to help students achieve success.  For this to happen, communication is key!  It is vital for both students and parent to understand the policies and procedures by which our classroom will operate.  If at any time during the year you have any questions or concerns please email me. 

    Grading:  Students will earn grades each marking period based on a wide variety of work, including preparation, note-taking, participation, quizzes, test, projects, and oral presentations.  The unique strengths and needs of each student are kept in mind when grading and effort counts!  Grades are calculated using an online grading system, called Genesis, which families may view from home. 

    The Marking Period grading break-down is as follows:

     Weekly Participation                Tests and Projects

     Quizzes                               Classwork, preparation, and notebook checks


    I believe each student is unique and will be allowed to experience success without the fear of failure.