• Honors Algebra 2: Course Guidelines

    Mrs. Makoski


    • A graphing calculator- must be a TI83 or TI84 (check Amazon and eBay for deals on used ones!!)
    • 3 Ring Binder & loose leaf paper


    Grading Policy:

    Calculating Averages Using Total Points

    • Points earned... Within each category, the points a student receives are added together.
    • Points possible... Within each category, the total points possible are added together.
    • Each category average is the sum of the points earned divided by the sum of points possible.

    Example for a single student:


    (Weight: 100%)


    1.      In class graded work:  8 of 10

    2.     Quiz on Functions:  24 of 30

    3.     Graded HW on Systems: 12 of 15

    4.     Quiz on Factoring: 36 of 40

    5.     Test on Problem Solving: 50 of 60

    Points earned:  130

    Possible points: 155

    Average: 130/155= 83.87%


    • Marking period grades are rounded.  An 89.5% is a A-.


    Absences & Student Responsibility

    • If a student is absent it is their responsibility to make up any work (homework, quizzes, etc.)
    • Any missed graded assignment should be made up within 1 CYCLE of returning to school or the grade will become a zero (0%)
    • If a student is absent due to an in-school activity (Showcases, rehearsals, etc.)  it is the student’s responsibility to find out the homework assignment from that day’s class and have it completed for the next class.  Assignments are kept updated on the class calendar and any paper copies handed out during class can be found in the class “cubby” and can be picked up at the end of the day.  Failure to have a completed assignment will result in a 0.

    Homework Policy


    • An assignment is considered complete when ALL problems are attempted with the appropriate necessary work and completed on time.
    • An assignment is incomplete when late or ANY problem is left blank or appropriate work is missing or too sloppy to be understood.

    Assessment of homework:

    • Perfect homework effort for the entire marking period will be rewarded by raising your final average by 2%.

    Example- A student has perfect homework effort (no incompletes) and an 88% average; this average will be raised by 2% to a 90%!!!

    • 2 incomplete assignments are allowed without penalty to final average each marking period.
    • Any incomplete assignment after the first 2 will lower your final average for the marking period by 1%

    Example- A student has 5 incomplete assignments with a final average of 87%; that final average will be lowered 3% to a new adjusted average of 84%.

    • It is your responsibility to show me any late assignments due to absence.
    • On Genesis there will be a column marked Missing HW. This will be a tally of how many incomplete assignments you have.  It DOES NOT affect your grade.    

    Class Rules:

    • Students are expected to report to class on time with notebook, pencil, calculator (TI83 or TI84), and other essential tools.  The teacher will NOT supply a calculator if you need one for the day.
    • Students are expected to be courteous, to respect the rights of others and to become involved class participants.
    •  Cheating will result in failure.
    • All other school rules will be enforced – (Please refer to the student handbook for all rules.)
    • Bullying will not be tolerated.  If the teacher perceives an action as bullying, the incident will be reported.


    Extra Help:

    • Lunch: by appointment only.  NO HELP ON DAY 2
    • After School: Tuesday - Thursday 2:20 - 2:45 room 107


    Honors Algebra 2 Course Calendar

    Please use the link below to access the calendar.  Use the month tabs at the bottom of the first page to navigate the calendar.

    Topics are listed at the top of each cell, homework is listed at the bottom of the cell, and quizzes and tests are in yellow.

    Honors Algebra 2 Calendar