• Welcome to the Theater Arts Page! My name is Ms. Nicole Labrit-Petrewski, most students call me Ms. LP.

    This school year courses will include Theater Arts, Advanced Theater Arts, and Technical Theatre at the High School.  All courses are 9th-12th grade. And a new course at the Middle School - Vocal and Dramatic Arts (VADA for short)

    You can reach me at petrewskin@warrenhills.org

     Supplies Needed:

    • Laptop
    • Pencil, Highlighter, Folder
    • Looseleaf Paper for folder or small notebook

    Most important part of any theater class is to try your best and PARTICIPATE!


    Advanced Theater Arts: hpbo7pn

    Theater Arts : bqndv5z

    Technical Theater: s2fz2ly

    VADA 8th Period: wrkmmuk

    VADA 9th Period: l2hjrds