Graphic Art & Design 1
    Block C/3 - Google Classroom Code = dgap3iz
    Block D/4 - Google Classroom Code = wez4thi
    Block E/b/5 - Google Classroom Code = avcmor2
     Block H/8 - Google Classroom Code = vswcs4b
    Course Description
    Graphic Arts 1 is a beginner course. This class is designed to help guide the students as they explore the creative processes of successful visual communication through a series of different design methods. The students will begin to develop an understanding of the methods employed in solving visual communication problems in graphic design, advertising, illustration, and computer graphics. The students will begin to develop as well as demonstrate an understanding that communication within these professions goes beyond the artist's self-expression, and must visually communicate the proper and intended message to the viewers.

    -  Artist's Sketchbook (Look for an 8.5x11 size book, this should have blank unlined pages. Sketchbooks can be found at any store that sells school or art supplies, as well as on amazon.)
    -  3-Ring Binder (to keep you organized, especially when we are back in the classroom)
    -  Pencils (when we are in class please plan to use your own pencils)
    - Chromebooks (fully charged with you ready to use every day)
    -  Creativity
    - Work Ethic

    Please see Genesis and Google Classroom for updated classwork and grade information. 


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