• Advanced Graphic Design 

    Google Classroom Code for 2021 - 2022 



    Course Description
    Graphic Arts 2 is an advanced course. This class is designed to help guide the students as they further their understanding of the importance of visual communication. The class will be conducive to hard work, creativity, and is geared towards the serious art student. Graphic Arts 2 will be run as though the students are working in a professional design studio and the assignments given will mirror real life design challenges

    -  Artist's Sketchbook (you can find this at any store that sells school or art supplies, amazon is a great place to look too)
    -  3-Ring Binder
    -  Pencils (your own when we are in the classroom)
    - Chromebook (fully charged every time you come to class)
    -  Creativity
    -  Work Ethic!
    Please make sure to join our classroom by the start of the school year! That is where all of our class information will be posted both when we are remote as well as when we are in the classroom. You can also always email me here russellj@warrenhills.org