• Mathematics

    Mrs. R. Bloom


    (908) 689-0750 x2594

    Contact Information: Communication between home and school is important for success! Please contact me with any questions or concerns. All electronic communication from students must come from their warrenhills.org email.

    Course Description: This full year Grade 7 Math course is the study of introductory algebra, similarity, ratio, proportion and percent, positive and negative numbers, linear relationships, three dimensional measurement, probability and expected values, variability and comparisons. This student-centered course will engage learners in problem solving and emphasize critical thinking. Skill mastery via use of computer-based programs will be emphasized. Students will use calculators, software and manipulatives to explore mathematical relationships and mathematical practices.

    Be On Time You should be seated before the start of class. Anyone to arrive afterwards is considered late! Much of what we will be doing each day is discussed during the first 10 minutes of class. If you are late, you may miss important information. If you are going to be late to class, you must have a signed pass from a teacher. If you do not have a pass, you are considered late! Excessive tardiness will result in a phone call to your parent/guardian and/or an office referral.

    Supplies Come to class everyday with your: *Agenda Book * Homework Folder (for all classes) * Math (Composition) Notebook * Completed Daily Assignment * 3-Ring Binder for this class * A Positive Attitude! * Pencils and Erasers

    Be Respectful When others are speaking, you are not. This includes raising your hand if you have a question or wish to contribute to the discussion. Please do not call out. We expect you to support your classmates and encourage them to do their best. It is NEVER okay to be rude, ridicule, or disrespect anyone! Treat everyone with respect and expect to be treated with respect!

    Be Organized Keeping an organized 3-ring binder will enable you to easily look up information on topics discussed in class. I recommend dividing your 3-ring binder into sections labeled: Keepers Classwork Homework Study Guides If possible, keep your composition notebook in a pocket inside your binder.

    Save all food for your lunch period Food belongs in the cafeteria, NOT in the classroom. You may bring a clear water bottle labeled with your name to class. You will not be permitted to get drinks from the hall during the class period. Leave your cell phone, MP3 players, tablets or any other electronics in your locker. They will not be needed in the classroom and are not permitted in the classroom according to school policy unless you are specifically asked to bring them for a class activity.

    Behavior: You are expected to act in a respectful manner in the classroom. The Student Code of Conduct is enforced in this class and referrals will be made to the Assistant Principal as needed.

    Plagiarism: Please refer to Board of Education Policy #5701 for Academic Dishonesty and Plagiarism. When you are absent: If you miss a class due to absence there are many ways to find out what you missed. You can check the website, check with a classmate, or ask the teacher via email or in person. It is your responsibility to make up any missed work in a timely manner.

    Remember to use your homework planner to know the assignment to be completed. Copies can be found through Genesis or my website. If you are absent on the day of a test or quiz, YOU will need to make arrangements to make it up within a week. If you are absent for a review day (but were present for all lessons), you will still take the test/quiz with the class. Be prepared! You will know about quizzes and tests several days in advance and have online materials available for additional review. **PAPERS DISTRIBUTED WHILE YOU WERE OUT WILL BE IN YOUR CLASS “PICK UP FOLDER**

    GRADING Graded Assessments – 60% Assessments will be administered at the end of each Homework Planner and/or Chapter. Study material, in addition to classwork and homework, will be provided for each assessment. There are also links on my website to help you prepare. Unit Tests will be counted twice in the grade Quizzes will be counted once in the grade Homework Completion – 10% To do well in Math class, it is important to complete homework as it is assigned. Homework will be assigned almost everyday and will be checked the next class day. It acts as practice and prepares you for the quizzes and tests. Homework is graded on effort. You must show all of your work to receive full credit. Homework Assignments will be posted on Genesis. Homework completion assignments will be graded out of 4 points. Refer to the scale below: 4 points when the assignment is fully complete when it is due 2 points when the assignment is partially complete (at least half) when it is due 0 points when the assignment is not completed Skill Sheets – 10% On the back of each Homework Planner is a Skill Sheet. These include skills that are a pre-requisite for success in Math 7. You will be given a due date for each when it is assigned and will have approximately a week to complete it. All work must be shown and will be graded. Skill Sheets are graded out of 20 points Students will earn a “Skills Pass” for a perfect score. It can be used for any future Skills Sheet. Comprehension Check – 10% Periodic Comprehension Checks will be administered to check for student’s understanding. Comprehension Checks consist of 1 to 3 questions and are graded out of 6 points. Preparedness/Participation/Behavior – 10% Students are expected to arrive to class prepared with all the proper materials every day. This includes pencils, erasers, notebook and binder. You are expected to participate in the class activities for the lesson and are expected to behave appropriately. Students start each Marking Period with 100 points in this category. Each time these expectations are not met, they will lose 2 points from their Preparedness/Participation/Behavior grade.