Calculus is the branch of mathematics that studies the properties of derivatives and integrals of functions.


    We will begin the year by a brief review of algebra using Appendix A in the back of the book.

    Calculus Study Guide Appendix A Study Guide Appendix A

    We will further review more precalculus concepts in sections 1 through 4 of chapter 1 studying graphing in the coordinate plane, graphs of equations, linear functions and all other parent functions. Students are expected to enter the class with a solid understanding of all of the review content so it can be applied to calculus.

    Calculus Study Guide 1.1-1.4 Study Guide 1.1-1.4


    Beginning in section 1.5 with limits we start to cross the bridge into calculus.  1.5 Limits Notes   Study Guide 1.5

      We also study continuity of functions in section 1.6 , which then means we are ready for Calculus.

    We will study the the first major calculus concept of dervatives (rates of change) in chapters 2,3 & 4.  In chapter 2 we use limits to introduce the derivative, and then study methods for calculating derivatives. We study product and quotient rules, simple and general power rules, chain rule,  higher order derivatives and implicit differentiation.  We apply derivatives to velocity and marginals, as well as rates of change problems. Ch.2 Study Guide

    In chapter 3 we will relate derivates to graphs of functions.  We will learn the first and second derivative tests finding increasing and decreasing intervals, relative maximums and minimums, points of inflection and concavity intervals, as well as using limits to identify asymptotes, and finally applying it all to curve sketching.  We will also do optimization problems.Chapter 3 Study Guide

    In chapter 4 we will review exponential and logarithmic functions and then learn to do derivatives of them.  We will study exponential growth and decay.  Study Guide 4.1-4.3

    Finally in chapter 5 we will start our study of integration - the second major concept in calculus.  We will learn methods of calculating definite and indefinite integrals.  We will learn the fundamental theorem of Calculus and use it to calculate area between two curves. In chapter 6 we will learn integration by parts and integration formulas if time allows.

    To end the year, we will jump ahead to chapter 8 where we will review trigonometric functions and learn to differentiate and integrate them.


     Calculus 2021 Syllabus


    Our Textbook CALCULUS:An Applied Approach 9th edition (Ron Larson) Calculus Text Resources



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    Additional CALCULUS Resources


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