• Frau Morgan


    Willkommen zur Deutsch Klasse!

    Objective:  I encourage every student to become a citizen of the world through the study of a second language.  I emphasize the New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards of communication and culture. My goal is to enable students to use the German language for communication and to develop insights into the literature and culture of Germany. 

    Contact Information:  morganj@warrenhills.org ; Room 310; 

    Follow me on Twitter @WHFrau; office hours M-F 8:45-9:45 - use the code “frausofficehours” in Meet

    *Please be sure to use your school issued email address when contacting me or submitting an assignment.*

    Resources:  Deutsch Aktuell 1 & 2 - online

    You will receive a password.  You will not receive a hard copy of the text book unless otherwise specified.  If you would like a copy of the textbook, please feel free to ask for one.


    • 3 ring binder
    • Chapter packets/vocabulary lists
    • Pens/Pencils (please write in blue or black only)
    • Headphones compatible with Chromebooks 
    • Chromebooks

    Helpful Websites:         

    www.emcschool.com/eResources (textbook)                                                                 

    www.wordreference.com  (online dictionary)

    www.quizlet.com  (grammar and vocabulary practice - search our book/chapter)

    www.youtube.com (It’s got everything!)

    Grade Calculation:  Your grade is calculated on a total points basis.  You will receive classwork, homework, quizzes, tests, projects and a quarterly class participation grade.  Each assignment is given a point value and your total point value is divided by the total number of points possible.  I will use GENESIS  to calculate grades and communicate upcoming assignments.

    Here is a list of some things you can expect this year:

    • Chapter tests will be aural and written assessments 
    • Dialog/vocabulary quizzes
    • Grammar quizzes, projects and other assignments
    • Participation will be quarterly



    Late Work:

    Graded classwork or projects are subject to point deduction at my discretion.  Quizzes or tests must be made up in a timely manner, I follow school policy.

    Please speak to me to arrange a time to make up a missed assessment and an appointment will be made.  I do not give make-up quizzes or tests during class time

    *Please note that if you miss an assessment or other graded assignment, I will mark it as a “0” in Genesis. The “0” will be replaced by your grade as soon as you make up the missing assessment.


    Behavioral Expectations:

    It is expected that you show respect for yourself, your classmates, your teacher and your classroom by using appropriate language, demonstrating courtesy, and limiting noisy distractions. I will speak to you directly when a behavior needs to be addressed.

    Cell Phone Policy:

    I do not allow the use of cell phones in class unless I specifically direct you otherwise.  It is my expectation that your cell phone be placed in your backpack when class begins.   I do not permit listening to music in class therefore I do not expect to see headphones. You may check in to the “Handy Hotel” if you (or I) feel that your cell phone is a distraction.