• Here are some useful links for class:

    Deutsch Aktuell 1 - textbook for German I & II

    Deutsch Aktuell 2 - textbook for German III & IV

    Please see Frau if you forgot your password

    Dictionary - you can use this to translate from German to English and English to German

    Google Classroom - please use these codes to join the appropriate classroom 

    Classroom Codes

    German 1 Block 3C - i3gwztl

    German 1 Block 5Eb - wwey5cr

    German 2 Block 4D - pbvlndz

    German 2 Block 8H - 6xbtj5s

    German 3 Block 1A - bvewohh

    German 4 Block 6Fb - 33rxid7


    Genesis - parent portal *please note all missing assignments are marked as "0" until the work is made up