• 8th Grade Civics

    Ms. Latino

    Civics Overview:

    Civics is the study of civic affairs and the duties and rights of citizenship. By studying Civics, you will learn how our government, economic system and political system operates.  We will also study why the founding fathers broke away from Great Britain and set up our Government the way they did. 


    Ms. Latino’s Rules & Expectations for Civics:

    1. Be in the classroom before the bell rings, start on your warm up right away
    2. Be respectful to yourself, your classmates, your teachers, and the property around you.
    3. Raise your hand when responding.  Please, do not yell out.
    4. Be prepared with your charged chromebook, agenda, notebook (left in class) and textbook (left in class) and a pencil or pen
    5. All rules and regulations stated in the school handbook will be enforced.



    1. Warning
    2. Conference with the teacher
    3. Phone call home and a teacher detention
    4. Discipline referral to the Office



    We will NOT have homework everyday, but students may have to finish work at home or prepare for tests and quizzes at home.


    Tests, and Quizzes:

     Will all be announced and study guides provided when necessary. We also will play review games before every test and quiz in order to prepare.


    Grading: Total Points 

    Categories for points:


    • Tests
    • Quizzes
    • Projects
    • Classwork


    • Participation (Warm Ups)


     Make-up policy:

    • YOU are responsible for getting missed notes and assignments.  If a test or quiz is missed, you will make it up in class.




    • As per the student handbook on page 18 the district policy reads “Parent notification; student may receive a “0” for the assignment.” Please reference Board of Education Policy #5701 for additional information. 



    Extra help:

    • If you need extra help, please let me know and we will schedule a time when we can work together. I am more than willing to come in early or stay later!


    • Please make every attempt to get extra help. Ask questions as soon as you have them. I want you to be successful!!!       



    • All electronic communication between students and teachers must come from your warrenhills.org account. 


    Check it out!!!


    • Please log-on to www.warrenhills.org and check out my webpage for extra helpful links and other items available.


    • Please log-on Genesis on a regular basis and check out your grades. If you are missing an assignment it will be marked with an M and will calculate as a ZERO until the assignment is made up. 


      • Use Warren Hills Webpage and look in the top right corner for the link to log-on to GENESIS


    Leave your cell phone in your locker! It will not be needed in the classroom! Please refer to school policy in your agenda books. 


    My Contact Information:

    Ms. Latino   

    Phone: 908-689-0750 Ext. 2517

    E-mail:     latinon@warrenhills.org


    Do your BEST!

    Warren Hills Grading Scale
    The school grading scale is as follows:
    A              90-100

    B              80 - 89

    C              70 - 79

    D              66 - 69

         F        65 and below

    *NO extra credit will be given. This is a district policy.*