• Frequently Asked Questions - As of Monday, March 16, 2020


    Do I need to have my student sign in for daily attendance?

    Currently there has been no guidance from the NJDOE regarding attendance.  At this point, you do not need to take attendance. As guidance changes, this is something that we may need to revisit.  If it does change, we will communicate this out to you as soon as we know.


    What technology will my child need for remote learning?

    Our students have been using the G-Suite platform and their Chromebooks for some time and are well-versed in how to access assignments, turn in assignments, and communicate with their teachers as this is something they have been doing on a daily basis. While most will choose their school assigned Chromebooks, any device may be used to access the G-Suite and complete work.   If there are any technology specific questions or issues, please reach out to technology by emailing the WHRSD Technology Department at technology@warrenhills.org for assistance or using the hotline number 908-689-3050 ext. 1016.


    Does my child need to be online at the time their classes are scheduled to run?

    No.  The idea is to allow for maximum flexibility, especially given the uncertainty of the situation we find ourselves in.  It is our hope that students are monitored at home and working within the hours of the normal school day, especially since this is when our teachers are available to provide support; however, students should have the opportunity to complete the work on a flexible schedule.  The exception to this is if a teacher scheduled “live” sessions with their students, but this should have been communicated to your students on Thursday or Friday, and the live sessions were to be scheduled during the time your regular block meets. Further, students should have 24 hours for “live” sessions and they should also be recorded by the teacher for later viewing. 


    Are we only posting assignments for the classes that meet during that day in the rotation?

    For now, this seems to be the best solution since it does not overburden the students, the parents, or the teachers, and it does not cause conflicts for those classes that will have a “live” component (see above).  Please post the day’s assignments no later than 7:25.


    When will my child’s assignments be due?

    It is important for your child to keep up with their assignments as they are assigned in order to ensure the continuity of education.  Unless the assignment is a long-term assignment, students should complete assignments within 24-hours. 


    How does this affect students who receive modifications/accommodations? 

    Extended time and/or assignment modifications will remain in place for all assignments. Assignments will not be marked late or have points deducted if extended time is utilized. 


    How will teachers be available to help my child if they have content specific questions?

    Teachers have been directed to be available during the hours of the normal school day, which is 7:25-2:45. If your child has any question regarding the content that the teacher has provided, they should utilize one of the G-Suite tools to reach out to their teacher and anticipate a timely response.  


    My Chromebook is broken or will not charge.

    Please contact the WHRSD helpline at 908-689-3050 extension 1016 to report the issue and arrange to pick-up paper-based assignments.  A damaged Chromebook will not serve as an exemption from assignments.

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