• Dear Students & Parent(s) & Guardian(s),


    I hope this message finds you and your family safe and healthy! I encourage all of us to continue “social distancing” and precautionary practices in order to beat this virus! We will get through this together, as one Blue Streak Family!


    I wish to inform you that Governor Murphy, during his briefing earlier today, has extended the school closure for an additional 30 days. Schools are now closed through Friday, May 15, 2020. I will continue to monitor and share information regarding the school closure as it becomes available.


    For the week beginning Monday, April 20, 2020, the schedule below will be implemented for all classes:

    • Monday 
      • All Assignments, for the week, are posted in Google Classroom
    • Monday & Tuesday
      • If direct instruction is provided by the teacher, it will follow the block schedule below and teachers will monitor emails throughout the day 
    • Wednesday & Thursday
      • Teachers will hold Virtual Office Hours by block schedule below
    • Friday 
      • Teachers available via email; work due at noon & missing work entered by 2:30pm in Genesis. 


    As we continue navigating the Remote Learning environment, we must evolve our practices in order to best meet the needs of our students and school community.  Moving forward, we will be implementing the following communication protocols and educational expectations:


    • All assignments will be due no later than noon on Friday to allow adequate time for teachers to enter assignments in Genesis.  Anything turned in after that time will be entered as “missing” in Genesis by 2:30pm each Friday. These assignments will not be late, however, you might receive a missing notification if the teacher isn’t able to remove the missing before the report is run. 
    • A Blackboard notification will automatically alert parent(s), guardian(s) and students of missing assignments each Friday evening. 
      • Students with an extended time accommodation will still receive this message as a form of communication. Students will still be given the opportunity to hand in work in accordance with their accommodations
      • We will “test run” this new communication protocol this Friday, April 17, 2020.
      • If you have any questions about missing assignments, please email the classroom teacher.
    • In order to provide students with a forum to ask questions, get clarification on assignments, and receive assistance, teachers will hold Virtual Office Hours on Wednesdays and Thursdays at the times indicated on the schedule below. 
    • Teachers will provide a general guide for students to use in order to help them plan for the week. (Monday’s goal is… By Wednesday you should have completed…)
    • All assignments, videos, slide shows, readings, lessons, assessments etc. are to be no more than 3 hours per class, per week, total.
    • Collaboration among co-teachers is essential to ensure we are meeting the needs of our IEP and 504 students. 
      • General education and special education teachers will work together to ensure appropriate modifications and accommodations are made.
      • Special Education teachers will be available with the general education teachers during the blocks for any direct instruction or Virtual Office Hours. 


    Schedule: Note this is the same schedule shared at the beginning of MP4

    • Block A:  8:45am
    • Block B:  9:30am
    • Block C:  10:15am
    • Block D:  11:00am
    • Block E:  11:45am
    • Block F:  12:30pm
    • Block G:  1:15pm
    • Block H:  2:00pm

    Thank you for your continued flexibility, support and understanding as we navigate our new educational process. We know this unique situation has caused stress and anxiety for our entire WH community. Please know that we are here to assist and support all of our communities needs. Please do not hesitate to contact us via email or through our “Helpline” (908) 689-3050 ext. 1016 so that we can provide direct assistance or place you in contact with community agencies who can help.


    Please, Stay Safe, Stay Healthy and Stay Home!


    We will get through this together by staying, BLUE STREAK STRONG!


    Earl C. Clymer, III

    Superintendent of Schools