Summer 2020 English Enrichment Experience

  • Expectations and Contact

    There is no written assignment to turn in when we return to school and there are no grades assigned in this experience. We hope that the platform we are providing to our students makes it easy for them to find and enjoy books that will excite and delight them. If you have any questions please reach out to department supervisor Keith Dennison at


    The Warren Hills Regional School District encourages all students to become life long readers; to use literature and non-fiction to expand their understanding of the world, or to take a break from the routines of daily life and escape to a different reality or realm that the cannot experience in their own lives. As a result of our Remote Teaching and Learning experience we have decided to reflect upon and adjust our traditional English summer reading assignment. You will find the resources and expectations below.

    Enrichment Experience Instructions

    Given the changing nature of teaching, and the challenges that we have faced this past Spring, we want to encourage students to read through the summer for the enjoyment that it can provide. Students can learn about topics and personalities that are of interest to them, they can pick up a novel and escape to another place, time, or world. Or, they could explore authors and genres that they may not have had time to while completing assignments and projects for their classes. Below we have curated a list of resources that students can consult to help them find a book, or books, to enjoy over the summer.

     Applicable Courses

    This Summer English Enrichment Experience applies to students enrolled in one of the following courses:

    • English Language Arts 7
    • English Language Arts 8
    • General, CP, or Honors English I
    • General, CP, or Honors English II
    • General, CP, or Honors English III
    • General, CP, or Honors English IV

    NOTE: Course #127 AP Language and Composition, and #137 AP Literature and Composition have their own assignments found here [insert link] as they are modeled on college curricula.

    Resources for Readers

    • Goodreads - site devoted to helping users locate books of interest, thoughtful book reviews, interviews with authors, and recommended picks from authors and site users
    • YALSA Book Finder - Young Adult Library Services Association curates a book finder engine that students can use to find titles of interest to them
    • Association for Library Services to Children - A curated rceading list focused on Grades 6-8 students
    • Warren County Library - WC Library's Teen Readers site focused on title recommendations, virtual and in person reading activites and book clubs, and access to Warren County Library librarians