Summer AP Preparation @ Warren Hills

  • Dear Warren Hills Students and Parents/Guardians,

    Given the challenges and the uncertainty with how next school year will open, we have re-evaluated the style and structure of summer assignments. Keeping the underlying focus that the purpose of summer assignments is to prepare students for the course, within reason. Therefore, we have changed the phrase summer assignment to “Summer AP Preparation” and have developed the following guidelines.

    1. All AP teachers will create a Google Classroom for each AP course. This will be a central location for resources and/or Summer AP Preparation tasks. Minimally, the teacher will provide resources for students.  The AP course preparation materials may include:

      1. Resources or activities to review previous material (from pre-req courses, for example)

      2. Resources or activities to introduce or preview new material

      3. Digital resources for AP Exam Preparation: College Board maintained YouTube channel for the AP course

      4. Test taking strategies for your AP test

      5. Other resources that are designed to prepare students for success in the AP course and on the AP exam

    2. Any questions should be directed to the AP teacher first and then if need be to the department supervisor. You will find teacher's email and Google Classroom join codes in the table below.

    Have a wonderful summer!